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Blot & Bod - Ormekongens Argelist

Blot & Bod
Ormekongens Argelist
by Gary Hernandez at 08 December 2019, 2:02 PM

BLOT & BOD is a Black Metal/Punk trio hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark. They are part of the Korpsand (trans: corpse and spirit) circle, a collective of Danish and Norwegian musicians who collaborate across various projects. On December 6, BLOT & BOD released their second full-length album, “Ormekongens Argelist.” It is 29 minutes of sheer rage, fangs, and discord. It has the dissonant angst of Punk and the methodical bleakness of Black Metal. It is disturbing and glorious all at once.

The album is the second in a trilogy which started with “Ligaeder.” In the band’s words: “Yet again, the world is set ablaze, and the serpent has risen. Ten fresh stab wounds inflicted upon the already doomed – the age of man. This is True Scandinavian Ragnarock!” With that said, “Ormekongens Argelist” is stylistically worlds apart from “Ligaeder.”  First, a confession. I have no idea what this album is about. The fact that it is in Norwegian or Ancient Sumerian or the forgotten tongue of the nameless one doesn’t help. When I typed “Ormekongens Argelist” into Google translate, it spat out something about the worm king and then gave me the blue screen of death. This omission on my part, however, doesn’t detract from my appreciation of this album. Good is good.

So, what’s notable about the album? 1) The sound: Non-stop riffs, punishing blast beats, vocals reminiscent of a dying banshee in an echo chamber all set to a lo-fi production that sounds like it was recorded in a walk-in freezer with the one microphone outside. 2) Three members: One bassist, one drummer, one guitarist, all vocalists. No frills, no unneeded fill-ins. 3) Minimalist: Every song cut to its essential, raw core. The longest song is a bit over four minutes; several songs barely make it past the two-minute mark. It reminds me of the 80’s hardcore punk scene. 4) Visceral: If you don’t get the energy off this album, you are dead. 5) Authentic: BLOT & BOD isn’t pandering to anyone’s agenda. From the song titles to the indecipherable lyrics, these guys are earnest about saying whatever the hell it is they are saying and I don’t think they care if anyone else gets it.

The downside is the album is short. Some people would also call it monotonous, but at 29 minutes you don’t have the time to get bored. The best tracks are the ones that have some variety in the composition. For me, these are “Arad,” “Taeft,” “Slid,” and “Tet 1.” The end analysis is BLOT & BOD’s Black Metal/Punk fusion conveys a level of discordant frenzy that is darkly compelling and “Ormekongens Argelist” is the perfect artifact of that rage.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Skred
2. Hug
3. Åråd
4. Tæf
5. Hævd
6. Slid
7. Hob
8. Tet
9. Snok
10. Arg
Jølle Bølle – Bass, vocals
Erik Bagger Hviid – Drums, vocals
Jesper Bagger Hviid – Guitars, vocals
Record Label: Iron Bonehead


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