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Blotted Science - The Machinations Of Dementia (CD)

Blotted Science
The Machinations Of Dementia
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 14 February 2008, 12:35 PM

The insane guitarist returns with an all-star project that will take your brain and put it into a blender (familiar phrase, huh?). When well-known musicians join forces you can expect both awesome and crappy music. To tell you the truth, I have never heard crappy music coming out of Ron Jarzombek's guitar. He is the mastermind behind this and he would never disappoint his fans with mediocre compositions.

The idea of BLOTTED SCIENCE was born into Mr. Jarzombek's mind and he thought that the best musicians that could help him make his dream come to life were CANNIBAL CORPSE's bassist Alex Webster and Charlie Zeleny (BEHOLD… THE ARCTOPUS, JORDAN RUDESS). Zeleny was the one to fill in for the vacant drum throne, after the departure of the band's former drummer Chris Adler (LAMB OF GOD) and Derek Roddy (HATE ETERNAL, NILE).

If you are aware of Ron's work in bands like WATCHTOWER and SPASTIC INK, then you should probably know what to expect by this insane guitarist. His brand new project BLOTTED SCIENCE continues his shredding legacy with 16 tracks of ass kicking technical Metal. I will not even try to categorize the music this band plays, since it draws influences from almost every Metal genre (Progressive, Death, Thrash, Power), and also features some Jazz and neoclassical parts that make the whole thing even more complex for your poor mind (yeah, this band will definitely torture your ears and mind). Regarding the bass now, Webster's bass lines could not be better. This guy has shown what he can do with his Death Metal chariot CANNIBAL CORPSE, and he keeps sending shivers down your spine with incredible complex and groovy earthquakes! The only thing I was afraid that would disappoint me was the drummer. I thought that the two previous drummers (Adler & Roddy) were more appropriate for this project. The fact is that Zeleny managed to shoot down every single doubt I had and prove me wrong with his relentless drumming and his high level of technique (let's not forget he plays for DREAM THEATER's keyboardist Jordan Rudess).

As if all those were not enough, BLOTTED SCIENCE offer these approximately 57 minutes of great music with a solid and heavy as fuck sound. The album has been mastered by the hands of the acclaimed producer Jacob Hansen and the result is more than amazing. Do you weirdoes ask for more? I bet my ass you don't! Now go get this precious diamond before someone else grabs it in front of your eyes!

PS: I was honored to know that this album was sent to us by Mr. Jarzombek himself. Thanx Ron! Keep up the great fucking heaviness!

4 Star Rating

Synaptic Plasticity
Laser Lobotomy
Brain Fingerprinting
Oscillation Cycles
Activation Synthesis Theory
Night Terror
Bleeding In The Brain
E.E.G. Tracings
Sleep Deprivation
The Insomniac
Adenosine Breakdown
Adenosine Buildup
Ron Jarzombek - Guitar
Alex Webster - Bass
Charlie Zeleny - Drums
Record Label: Spastic Music Publishing


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