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Bludvera - Terrorform

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 20 September 2012, 3:37 PM

Since the story of Noah's ark and the flood that swept the world while cleansing it for its sins and misdeeds, mankind has truly outdone itself over the years, especially since its recent advancements in the last hundred years. While there have been mass improvements in technology and social care among others, it didn't mean that man chose peace as its first mission. Well, there have been those that sought peace but to unknown ends. War and hate have developed, mass destruction became a tool in order to threat others and cause reverence, highly complex and intelligent master computers constructed in order to slowly remove man from physical work without thinking of the chance that the machine will one day rule all and dictate new order. So may it is the time to once again cleanse the earth or choose the terraforming or better said Terror form. I didn't came to fright anyone just revealing the same story in different version told on countless of Thrash Metal albums. The theme itself is shocking and only words can escalate its proportions. However as far as the music goes, it turned out as quite obvious and expected. BLUDVERA from the UK, a young Thrash Metal band with a lot of energy following the European version of the genre mostly in the vein of KREATOR, released its debut album of horror, via EBM Records, named "Terrorform".

Basically, as I already mentioned in brief on the last paragraph, BLUDVERA's style seemed quite obvious to notice. It was hard to appreciate their spirit and their admiration for 80s oriented Thrash / Speed Metal, in particular with the ferocity of the German kind, however, even their fine intensity, violent but more or less rightful texts, amiable riffing and crushing rhythms, it felt too much like something else. It is quite common to be influenced, as I already proclaimed once or twice or more, and to generate material that will transpire that influence, but with that stimulus, and BLUDVERA has it in high dosages, there should be a self-signature, an identity of its own. I am sure that BLUDVERA's existence wasn't set in order to continue the old version of KREATOR, even though it is quite addictive and appealing following the mighty crunchy sounds and harsh vocalic menace. They presented great examples of how they can perform the KREATOR style with extreme and passionate "Powerhouse", the absolute machinery that would once control our every move, "Terrorform" and "Conjure The Dead" following that slightly EVIL DEAD disorder on the last one. Though not creating too much havoc on the soloing, the riffing and rhythms played out quite good and showed that there is a talent that can lead this crew into new territories of the genre and even beyond.

I really don’t want to recommend this album for Thrashers only because it would be right. BLUDVERA are certainly not original, and I hope that they do have the determination to create something of their own, but they are more or less fun. This EP travels fast and ends fast, like a Formula car. Yet, BLUDVERA did write good lyrical content and that is an achievement on its own. Check them out.

3 Star Rating

1. Reanimate
2. Powerhouse
3. Citizen Monopoly
4. Terrorform
5. Parasitic Death Sentence
6. Voyage Beyond the System
7. Conjure the Dead 
Scott - Vocals
Patto - Guitar
Joey - Guitar
Lui - Bass
Baz - Drums
Record Label: EBM Records


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