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Blue Oyster Cult - The Curse Of The Hidden Mirror (CD)

Blue Oyster Cult
The Curse Of The Hidden Mirror
by Amy La Salla at 18 January 2001, 10:34 AM

The Blue Oyster Cult is a legendary Rock band that became famous for their brand of eerie, strange prog-Rock. Curse Of The Hidden Mirror should please fans of the grey area between Hard Rock and Metal.
The Blue Oyster Cult released their first album in January or 1972.  The single Cities On Flame made it into a top 40 radio station in New York.  Other fan favorites include Agents Of Fortune (1976) - which included their biggest hit to date, Don't Fear the Reaper - and Fire Of Unknown Orgin (1981). After releasing Imaginos (1988) Columbia Records ended their relationship with The Blue Oyster Cult which began a decade long period of no releases but frequent tours to try to acquire a new record contract.  In the late nineties The Blue Oyster Cult signed a contract with CMC Records and released Heaven Forbid (1998), my favorite release to date.
The Curse Of The Hidden Mirror is not as heavy nor as dark as Heaven Forbid. I was a little disapointed they didn't stay with the new, darker sound but I can't say it has harmed the music much. I particularly like One Step Ahead Of The Devil and The Old Gods Return which are the heaviest songs on the album. The first is more of a laid back, evil groove and the second is driven and fearful. I also am particularly fond of Out Of The Darkness a love song about chances, with a twist. You can't have a Blue Oyster Cult album without unexpected topics, after all.
The Blue Oyster Cult has always been an experimental band but have never quite lost their early Hard Rock sound. Their music is catchy and has an excellent groove. Sometimes the songs would even work as the soundtrack to a movie or sitcom but more often they float on the edge, charged with emotion. All of the music is excellent but the guitar and bass-work particularly catch my eye and yes, The Blue Oyster Cult still crank out the guitar solos.
This is an excellent album, full of grooves, early Hard Rock influence and strange turns and bends. It is a worthy addition to my cd collection.

4 Star Rating

Dance On Stilts
The Old Gods Return
One Step Ahead Of The Devil
I Just Like To Be Bad
Here Comes That Feeling
Out Of The Darkness
Stone Of Love
Eye Of The Hurricane
Good To Feel Hungry
Eric Bloom - Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards
Buck Dharma - Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards
Allen Lanier - Guitar & Keyboards
Danny Miranda - Bass, Vocals & Keyboards
Bobby Rondinelli - Drums
Record Label: Sanctuary Records


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