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Blues Pills - Blues Pills Award winner

Blues Pills
Blues Pills
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 10 July 2014, 5:21 AM

I will say this upfront, and people will be very mad at me at least my editor will, don’t read the review just go and buy the album. BLUES PILLS new album with the new name will be remembered has a beacon of light in the Hard Rock (Metal and Rock) world. This is a masterpiece, no debut and no words will explain that, even though I will try.

If you wake up at night and reminisce about the good old days of Rock and Hard Rock back in the late 60’s and the start of the 70’s with bands like LED ZEPPELIN, CREAM, and even JANIS JOPLIN , you are in the right place. BLUES PILLS are a classic Hard Rock meets the 70’s Psychedelic sound with a female front women, and what a front women she is. BLUES PILL debut album is named the same as the band name so I think you got it. The album has ten mind blowing, body shacking and ears bleeding Hard Rock tracks with Elin Larsson with a majestic and mesmerizing voice that sends you back to Woodstock, with a Hard Rock sound with JANIS JOPLIN on stage, catchy riffing, and great tempo. Yes, I didn’t forget to say that the guitar sound is classic of the classic 70’s. Guys this is the real deal.

I really thought that I would write much more on this album, however sometimes words are damaging to the experience. There is no debut that BLUES PILLS’ debut album is a masterpiece in all scales. The band of young people (makes you wonder) created an immense experience of classic Hard Rock with touches of Psychedelic album, all you need to get hooked is just 10 seconds of listening the “High Class Woman”, the first track. Only ten seconds and you understand that you are on a trip into the real Hard Rock realm and believe me when I say it’s a majestic trip. I will let you tell me what you think.

In the immortal words of MC5, kick out the jams, Motherfuckers!

5 Star Rating

1. High Class Woman
2. Ain't No Change
3. Jupiter
4. Black Smoke
5. River
6. No Hope Left For Me
7. Devil Man
8. Astralplane
9. Gypsy (Chubby Checker cover)
10.Little Sun
Elin Larsson - Vocals
Cory Berry - Drums
Dorian Sorriaux - Guitar
Zack Anderson - Bass
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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