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Blues Pills - Devil Man

Blues Pills
Devil Man
by Emily Coulter at 28 October 2013, 4:28 PM

In 2013 it is hard to find a band which has the raw power of the classic hard rock bands of the 80's and 90's. BLUES PILLS are the answer. Strong vocals, psychedelic guitars and blunt drums make the band stand out of the crowd by miles. The “Devil Man” is a psychedelic, Blues mix. Creating a spectacular vibe what entices the listener.

Elin Larsson's almighty raw vocals open up the EP with opening track “Devil Man”, her vocals are so unique that it's hard to compare her to anyone else. Dorian Sorriaux's guitar skills are a close resemblance to the style of Jimi Hendrix, giving a psychedelic vibe to the otherwise Hard Rock track. The drums feel much muffled but still there. The song is dramatic, sharp and rough.  Everything you need in an opening track, you want to sing along with Larsson's hard vocals singing about the devil man.

For the most part of “The River” it's just Larsson's vocals and an acoustic guitar. You can feel the emotion in her voice singing the lyrics before it breaks into soft rock accompanied by electric guitar, bass and gentle drums. It's a great calm song after the dramatic previous track.

Back with the trippy guitar solos of Sorriaux's the band strikes back with powerful velocity in “Time is Now”. Larsson tests her vocal range from deep low vocals to high within seconds. The song makes you feel like you're at Woodstock in the 70's, it just feels vintage but still the new feel.

Closing track “Dig In” is an easy listening track. A Jazz / Blues mix, very simplistic but works well with Larrson's ballad vocals. The song has a very dark atmosphere accompanying it; sadly this is the weakest song on the EP. Compared to the previous 3 songs it just doesn't have the magic touch they had. “Dig In” ends with a rather Jazz / psychedelic guitar riff.

BLUES PILLS are a great band and each member has their own personal touch. “The Devil Man” EP is amazing but only has one astonishing track but the others do have magic included. BLUES PILLS stand out from the crowd and have the edge to make such good music.

3 Star Rating

1. Devil Man
2. The River
3. Time Is Now
4. Dig In
Elin Larsson – Vocals
Dorian Sorriaux – Guitars
Zack Anderson – Bass
Cory Berry – Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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