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Blunt Knife Idol – Greed Heritage

Blunt Knife Idol
Greed Heritage
by Craig "Thrasher" Rider at 28 September 2015, 12:50 AM

BLUNT KNIFE IDOL are a Grindcore band from the Netherlands who actually have a 9 second “song” within the album - “Greed Heritage”. I find this a very strange concept, as most songs on this album could have easily been left out; or combined into at least a better or singular song. I don't see the point in having a 9 second song with an actual long title “The Final Proposition” the second shortest song being 10 seconds track entitled “Legendairrea”. Just seems entirely unnecessary as it's no special achievement. Anyone can make a song this short. With the negative out of the way though, “Greed Heritage” is actually a great, sounding album. It is very NILE and NAPALM DEATH in some ways as the instrumentation has very similar traits.

Typically, some fine Death Metal-like vocals and just an all-out headbanger of an album. Despite the shortness of the album though, the only songs I remember that had a meaning was a long one, “Suffer The Children”. “Suffer The Children” is roughly around 4 minutes long and has some insane brutality and in my opinion was really the only song worth listening to despite the other couple, longer tracks. (like “Mask The Apathy” and “Order And Obey”) The riffs from “Arco” sounded awesome and very unique; where all the other “songs” sounded random and pointless.

That's not to say the album isn't BAD; it's just ultimately unnecessary to have “songs” as short as 9 seconds. I understand that it's considered a Grindcore trademark but really…what's the point when you could fuse all that into one epic song? It would make it more legendary in my opinion. If I thought outside the box; I would think is this worth people's time? Yes and no. While yes, it is a brutal album, and if the album was a normal, 10 song album it would be worth people's time – but in this case, you wouldn't be missing much if you decided not to buy this album; so you can easily live without “Greed Heritage”.

So in short… “Greed Heritage” has potential and despite the random shortness of the album. It's a devastating killer. However, I would probably not bother if I didn't have to review this album. But – it is indeed worth checking out though; as it's available to stream on their Bandcamp website.

Check it out.

3 Star Rating

1. Nothing But Lies
2. No Light At The End
3. When They Return
4. Air Of Ashes
5. Legendiarrea
6. Streams Of Death
7. Perished
8. Feeding On Their Fumes
9. Taken Down
10. Collapse Into Nothing
11. Infected From Inside
12. Sermons Of Madness
13. Mountains Of Disorder
14. Celebrate The Indulgence
15. Stabwound Soulwound
16. Suffer The Children
17. Mask The Apathy
18. Hands
19. Born To Die
20. The Final Proposition
21. Take Their Lives
22. Fragments Of Reality
23. The Last Steps To Heaven
24. Order And Obey
25. Zero
Herrie - Vocals & Bass
Arco - Guitars
Tony – Drums
Record Label: Herrie Records Inc.


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