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Blutbad - Alcohodyssey

by Dani Bandolier at 29 February 2020, 12:36 PM

Heavy hitters BLUTBAD (2016) can be found rocking and rolling in Arzignano, Italy which is located between Milan and closer to coastal city Venice. These dudes are straight up rockers. Main vocalist Tomi carries these songs with his vocal personality in a Lemmy kind of way; he of scabrous and rutted vocal cords, with the rest of the lads providing musical shade so he can do his thing. I dig his voice.

“Lost in Space” is a throwaway intro song, but the Atari blooping bounce of the tune rocks it. This would be something I can see the Gorillaz doing… but Gorillaz would be throwing down the theme on the whole release. “Alcohodyssey” somehow warrants two separate returns with Parts 1 and 2. Part 1 shows the lads delivering spacey hard rock potency and the song gets right down to business. It sounds good. Track #3 “Die Alone” starts the rockin’ all proper like while delivering a real downer chorus - “You’ll drink alone, you’ll die alone”. Lonely lads we all shall be, I reckon. Have a listen to some Bukowski recordings (the poet and author, man) if you wanna deliver a death wish with style. There are Bukowski recordings of his live readings that will sort the unkempt mind. Track #4 “Sunday of the Living Dead” throws down a spry and pounding groove-metal groove. Track #5 “Space Tramps” I think is what “Lost in Space” wanted to be lyrically with that exact chorus “… We are … Lost in the Space” although without the novel DEVO Atari bleep bloop factor.

“I Want to Believe” is a rock-out-with-your-bass- groove-out riff on the X-Files telly series and features some alien synth lines along with the musty chorus “We’re not alone”. “Alcohodyssey Part 2”  slides us a DWARVES style jammy-jam confiture down the gullet. “Interstellaris 0042” blasts us right back into groove metal territory. I dig this song and the dynamic pacing. “Flash Goldon” coils and jives along the space watchtower and if I gotta pick one favorite on ‘ALCOHODYSSEY’, this would be the one with maybe “Interstellaris 0042” running second.

“Arcade Mood (featuring Kristallo)” ends this sideshow like it started, with punk-you Atari synth oscillations bleeping and blooping. The ride or crash cymbal - che cazzo, is that the bloody high-hat? Maybe all 3 of them - was mixed to a shrill audio frequency that rings my bells. A 3am call from the cops zings my head like this – shrill and with ill omen, not like I ever got the courtesy. Which is not to say it is not recorded well … ‘ALCOHODYSSEY’ does have professional levels of audio engineering but the cymbal mix is “the one that got away” as the Yanks like to say. The songs feature a bit of nonsense palaver; that being a song element that keeps this release lively and in-orbit where others might pick the cosmic low road. Interesting release BLUTBAD and I do want to hear the follow up.

All joy wanteth the eternity of all things, it wanteth honey, it wanteth drunken midnite, it wanteth my Spotify playlist which includeth my reviewed bands!

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Lost in Space
2. Alcohodyssey Part.1 (The Space Adventures of the Hopshunters)
3. Die Alone
4. Sunday of the Living Dead
5. Space Tramps
6. I Want to Believe
7. Alcohodyssey Part.2 (The Great Escape from Bikini Planet)
8. Steam Road
9. Interstellaris 0042
10. Flash Goldon
11. Arcade Mood
Tomi - Vocals
Cicca - Drums
Il Bello - Guitar
Micle - Bass
Record Label: Argonauta Records


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