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Bluteszorn - Victory Of The Dead (CD)

Victory Of The Dead
by Yiannis Doukas at 16 November 2007, 12:17 PM

Let's go for a while to the beautiful land known as Austria. There, somewhere in the middle of 2005, appeared a band under the name BLUTESZORN with a demo entitled De Odio Mortuorum In Viventes, where Njord played anything. This demo release was limited to 100 copies with a razor blade included and it was sold out in a few weeks. In late 2006 we have the arrival of Dominus Noctis for the fulfillment of BLUTESZORN's sound, taking over the bass, keyboard playing and the drumming. This duo entered the Soundtempel studio under the 'producing' help of Stefan Traunmuller (known from GOLDEN DAWN) and gave birth to Victory Of The Dead.  
This album has a central topic of death. From the one side countess Bathory (first track), one living dead who wants human flesh to please his hunger and to survive (My Hunger For Human Flesh), a human sacrifice in the name of Azazel (Ultimate Scapegoat) and on other the revenge of children that died from raping actions in Dead Children Choir.
There are calm, hypnotic tempos, a black metal with lots of keys that are not embarrassing and grim guitars too. You will meet some good elements basically in the firstly four tracks. Major disadvantages are the thin vocals and the fact that some ultra melodic moments are able to pull the listener out from the whole atmosphere that BLUTESZORN wants to produce. Victory Of The Dead, despite its good start, has for refrain a MAIDEN 'happy' riff that (I believe) destroys the song. Queen Of Dying Beauty is a good one, My Hunger For Human Suffering has nice keys, Ultimate Scapegoat is the best but unfortunately there are bad ones like Black Winged Night (that is almost a dancing song), Behind The Mirror (except the key part in its middle and in the end), Dead Children Choir (that starts like a ballad and the black vocals turned it into a probably joke song) or Life's True King that is apathetic except the finale with nice vocal idea.
If the nice moments multiply in the future songs, this band will become more interesting and more worthy to deal with them closer. Also the artwork and the cover are very good with the two hooded living dead, probably representing the members of the band.

3 Star Rating

Queen Of Dying Beauty
My Hunger For Human Suffering
Ultimate Scapegoat
The Blazing Torch Of Tragedy
Victory Of The Dead
Black Winged Night
Behind The Mirror
Dead Children Choir
Life's True King
Njord - Vocals, Guitars
Dominus Noctis - Keyboards, Bass, Drums
Record Label: CCP Records


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