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Blynd - Punishment Unfolds

Punishment Unfolds
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 29 November 2012, 8:12 PM

Think about a slap in the wrist, a punch in the face, the fall of the hammer on the judge’s table and the last moments before the poison, hanging, a shot in the head and the electric chair. Though Death isn’t imminent for all sinners around the globe, as there are rates of punishment, it will always unfold no matter what. There is no escape for those who deserve it. But who is the punisher? Who is the judge, jury and executioner? Those questions have been dwelling through the minds of many individuals worldwide with no answer as sometimes life is unfair and the innocent suffer. With the anger towards the none punished folks that really need a good beating and false accusations against the blameless, stand a band of four with plenty of antagonism on display. These guys are the Cyprus based BLYND, probably not as justice, but they sound better. Recently the modern Thrash / Death Metal band signed with their local label Pitch Black Records for the release of their second album. “Punishment Unfolds”. Justice and its brotherly punishment have never been so fierce, distorted and irrefutable. It would be futile to flee because there will never be real comfort, certainly not to rest.

Though at first I recollected the biting form and brutal devastations of the crude DEW-SCENTED, somewhat minus the SLAYERish manipulations, BLYND seems to have been going forward strong with additional elements and fine tunings.  Other than your common mixture of modernized Thrash and Death Metal, which also presented numerous of examples that led me to Metalcore rather than the real thing, the material on “Punishment Unfolds” turned out to be quite impressive while also divulging great musical talents of the band’s members. The songs crossed between charging straightforward slicers to semi-technical Metallic challengers. Both patterns intensified by awesome and well produced melodies, a few harmonic verses and old school oriented lead guitar work that really energized the songs. “The Chosen Few”, the album’s foremost ace, is the album’s top melodic track, yet also heavy while keeping that fine in your face comportment implemented by the band. “Sins To The Cross”, the harsher chugger, is less melodic than the former but it has a fine vocalic performance on the chorus. Furthermore, this one accentuates that this foursome crew consists of flair and great talents. “Convicted in The Devil’s Land”, “Divine Conspiracy”, “Arrival Of The Gods” and “Never For The Fallen” displayed that straightforwardness with sheer aggression and great musical performance, especially the guitaring. I really enjoyed the diverse riffing and the few odd time signatures of the rhythm section even though the general song structured in a way repeated themselves. On the other hand, it was hard to let go of this band’s dedication and attention to details both on the compositions and the album’s production that attained that this lineup is tight and well timed.

In general, BLYND made a spectacular mixture of two of Metal’s greatest subgenres on their contemporary formulations. I would have to agree on the fact that they had a few riffing that dragged more attention due to their reprisals, but those were outlasted by the majority of their efforts that made me a fan of their work. Pitch Black Records made a fine decision on taking these guys over because I believe that they understand and appreciate the meaning of true justice. Well, at least that is what they tried to patch for their listeners.

4 Star Rating

1. Divine Gathering
2. Arrival Of The Gods
3. As Punishment Unfolds
4. Never For The Fallen
5. The Chosen Few
6. Convicted in The Devil’s Land
7. Sins To The Cross
8. The Final Resistance
9. Divine Conspiracy
10. Infinity Race 
Andreas– Bass/Vocals
Dino- Guitars
George- Guitars
Alex- Drums
Record Label: Pitch Black Records


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