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Blynd - The Human Touch (CD)

The Human Touch
by Grigoris Chronis at 27 September 2007, 1:58 PM

This trio comes from the beautiful island of Cuprus. BLYND (I love the 'Y' letter replacing the 'I' one in Metal bands!) present their newest effort, the self-financed The Human Touch mini CD, a release featuring - first of all - a notable cover artwork 'centered' on the orange color. As for the music itself:
I'm not familiar with the act's previous Embraced And Abandoned mini CD, but this one focuses on the deeds of on-the-edge New Heavy/Thrash Metal music. To extend: the tempos are mid-to-fast ones, while the guitars provide some interesting riffs with lots of spirit. All these will probably remind you of a mix of 'new' KREATOR, post-80s SEPULTURA,GRIP INC. and even some crossover Rock/Metal/HC bands flirting equally with all three genres. Andreas' vocals are angry enough but with a certain doze of hope in 'em. I liked his style; as if he's a mix of Mille Petrozza, Max Cavalera (the SOULFLY days, mainly) and Nick Holmes (PARADISE LOST's early efforts). He maybe should not have tried to exaggerate his voice that much in some songs' parts, though…
The same-titled tune, in specific, is rather weird for the usual Rock/Metal likes. Boasting a jammin' feeling it is developed within a certain traditional tempo to some sparkling rockin'/Metal outburst with some impressive guitar solo ending up like an old PARADISE LOST typhoon. But (and this does apply for the whole release) the production is rather mediocre. I know we're talkin' bout a self-financed release but I have the impression even vital elements a band should have in its sound are rather reach-able in our era.
The Human Touch - plus its really 'human' lyrics - sees a rather noteworthy attempt by a promising band. BLYND seem to have a healthy and extended horizon in terms of influence/songwriting and I really wish we'll see 'em in a big label in the near future. They offer something fresh, anyway!

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Take What Is Yours
One Tear For glory
The Enemy
The Human Touch
Left Alone
Andreas - Vocals/Bass
Dino - Guitars
Koumis - Drums
Record Label: Self Released


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