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Bob Oliver Lee - Flying Music

Bob Oliver Lee
Flying Music
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 29 March 2017, 12:41 PM

BOB OLIVER LEE is an eclectic French musician and member of bands GALDERIA, STONECAST, DEBACKLINER, QUIET HUMAN and NINMAH. He presents now a solo album entitled “Flying Music,” where he handles the guitars and vocals. The album contains eight tracks. Lets’ talk about some highlights here. “Everything Is Gone” is a mellow, acoustic led song, where the bass guitar notes provide a noticeable structure. Most of the vocals are done in harmony which is very pleasing, but the rhythm of the lyrics is a bit awkward for me. The lead breaks however are wonderful…perfectly done in key. “Dead Heart” is a long track, introspective in nature as well, where he talks about tears, broken dreams, lies and sorrow. The music reflects these themes very well.

The title track, “Flying Music,” is a much shorter instrumental, with some nice acoustical work and riff building/layering. The simple but effective melodies keep it in the positive realm, like watching the sun warm up a rainy spring day. Bob nails it with “These Wings.” A sweet guitar line trades off with soft piano notes, and the vocal range and pitch are right where they should be to boost the sublime sound. Absolutely lovely. “Sailors From The Crying Planet” has a little quicker pace and extended length, and do I hear a steady clapping keeping the rhythm or percussion of some sort? The guitar parts work in unison with one another very well. The lyrical content points to the damage we have done as humans to our planet; our mother earth. Closing the album is the song “From The Pyramid Rises The Flying Spirit Of The Pharaoh.” It’s a short instrumental with an easy listening acoustic riff, but has me wondering about where the title of the track came from.

Overall I find the album to be a sweet collection of mellow and thought provoking tracks that would be the perfect playlist to a relaxing or melancholy day. Mood music if you will. There aren’t a lot of albums where you can get a glimpse into the artists soul, but you can on “Flying Music” because Bob Oliver Lee writes from his heart.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Everything Is Gone
2. Dead Heart
3. Flying Music
4. These Wings
5. Thoughts & Regrets
6. Rising
7. Sailors From The Crying Planet
8. From The Pyramid Rises The Flying Spirit Of The Pharaoh
Bob Saliba: Lead, Acoustic Guitars & Vocals
Pascal Garell: Bass
Olivier Tijoux: Drums
Franck Capera: Keyboards
François Albaranes: Piano
Record Label: Underground Symphony Records


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