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Bobby Stoker – Everglow Award winner

Bobby Stoker
by Will Travers at 21 August 2022, 1:19 PM

BOBBY STOKER is back with another great offering to the Rock world, but this time he is taking the lead in his own debut album “Everglow”. After years of accompanying many other artists on their own journeys he has come forwards and offers up a delightful mix of Rock, Blues and Soul; so lets get stuck in. The artwork is reminisce of a style that you only really see with these types of albums ad it warms my heart to see it used again!

Opening is “Waiting For The Night” and within its sultry and sexy tones there is a delectable level of musicianship with little flourishes from the guitars, an almost undetectable support act from the keys that would just make the track sound wrong without them. It really is a superb opening track that just oozes class. “Best Way Out” seems to take a sharp turn in terms of style; with an almost balladesque feel to the track, it continues along that emotive atmosphere whilst also not compromising on the sheer musical ability of Bobby himself (I mean just listen to that guitar break!).

Jumping forward slightly, “The Devil In Me” takes more of a Blues Rock stance, with a really powerful bassline and smooth rounded edges it just hits all the right chords. There was something about this track that I couldn’t put my finger on, but after a bit of reflection there are some similarities to a certain DEF LEPPARD track (only minor I might add!) that distracted me at times from rest of the music. But that distraction was blasted again by Bobby’s guitar solo, it is just such a fantastic display of talent and reminds me of the tracks I grew up listening to and what put me on the course towards Heavy Metal. “On The Road Again” has a bit of a ballad feel to it again, whilst also giving off those western like atmospherics. Lyrically it hits quite hard, seemingly telling the woes of a travelling performer, which I think people don’t always think of the stresses and trials that these individuals are subjected to when touring. A really beautiful and thought provoking track that I am sure will resonate with many.

Now, if you were looking for musical diversity and range then “Everglow” really is the album for you. As the tracking really does allow for Bobby and co to show their full range of talents, in performance and composition. “Lessons In Pain” once again takes a really different direction to other tracks we have seen. As the instrumentals come together to create this layered and complex musical support to Bobby’s powerful vocals. The options employed for instrumental breaks as well are sublime and just really keeps to that Smooth Blues overarching style that has become prevalent throughout. I’m really going to jump ahead a bit here, as I want to highlight another stylistic change and that only really comes in the final track “Eye Of Horus”. 5 minutes of some of the smoothest and most intricate instrumentals you will hear this year, fact. It can be quite bold to close a record out on a solely instrumental track but this is just absolutely sublime and really goes to show what all involved are capable of, closing in the best way.

Overall, I really enjoyed the album. It is a bit of a throwback for me to the music that I grew up listening to, what really got me into music too. It wouldn’t be the right record for me to pull out regularly nowadays but I still think that it is solid. The structure of the record & tracks, the standard of musicianship really is all something to be proud of for all involved. Fans of THE EAGLES, SANTANA and GARY MOORE be sure to check out BOBBY STOKER’s “Everglow”

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Waiting For The Night
2. Best Way Out
3. My Destiny
4. The Devil In Me
5. Everglow
6. On The Road Again
7. Shot In The Dark
8. Lessons In Pain
9. Sometimes
10. I’m Your Friend
11. Yesterday’s Gone
12. Eye Of Horus
Bobby Stoker- Vocals / Guitar
Oliver Hartmann – Vocals
Ina Morgan – Vocals
Heiko Elger – Guitar
Willy Wagner – Bass
Axel Balke – Keys
Jürgen Lucas – Drums  
Record Label: Vivid Music Productions


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