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Body Count - Bloodlust Award winner

Body Count
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 05 August 2017, 10:07 AM

BODY “Fucking” COUNT is in the house, and they will get you!

Yes, the gang lead by Ice-T is back to the front, delivering another masterpiece of aggressive music, called “Bloodlust”. You’ll find on the album the same aggressive and nasty mix between Rap, Hip Hop, Thrash Metal and Hardcore that is the trademark of the band since their first album, but in a perfect balance between all their musical elements. The vocals are perfect on this Rap form of singing (and they match perfectly on the instrumental basis of the band), the guitars unleash violent and groove riffs and good solos, and the rhythmic session is responsible for the weight and groove on the songs, with some electronic effects here and there. These elements create a dense and aggressive form of music, a hybrid of Thrash Metal/Crossover with Rap, and it can make the walls tremble and your necks ache due its nasty and catchy energy.

Like 2014’s “Manslaughter”, the production of the album was done by the hands of Will Putney. He made a very good work, because the songs are flowing clear and in a way that we can understand what the band is playing, but the tunes are heavy and aggressive, making their musical work complete. The simple cover of “Bloodlust” was made to keep our attention on the band’s songs and lyrics. The special guests are another excellent point of “Bloodlust”: Dave Mustaine guests on “Civil War”, Max Cavalera made some vocals on “All Love is Lost”, and Randy Blythe (from LAMB OF GOD) is singing on “Walk With Me…”, and the album has many narrative between the songs, creating the sensation that we are hearing some news on TV about urban violence and riots. The intention is to match on the socio/political matters of the lyrics, a part where Ice-T is a great master with his acid, realistic and bitter speech.

The bitter and slow “Civil War” and its excellent vocals, with its nasty vocals, the presence elements of Rap and Hip Hop on “The Skin Mask Way”, the intense and grasping “All Love is Lost” (very good guitars, with great riffs), the brutal massacre of the personal version for “Raining in Blood/Postmortem 2017” (great bass guitar and drums works, and excellent vocals of Vincent Price, but the puritans should kill me for saying this), the sad, bitter and melancholic typical Hip Hop song with great guitars “God, Please Believe Me”, the brutal blow on your face called “Walk With Me”, the sinister and dense “Here I Go Again”, the iconic “No Lives Matter” (where we can see the differential treatment depending on your ethnic group that happens in many parts of the world) that is filled with powerful groove, insane vocals and heavy rhythmic work, and the insane double of “Bloodlust” and “Black Hoodie”.

Oh, the purists of Metal are complaining? So, let me tell you something: this style exists since the 80s, with bands like FAITH NO MORE and MORDRED. If you didn’t get the idea, your childish radicalism is so dumb and blind that you can’t see that Juan from the Dead actually is Juan Garcia (yes, the same one from AGENT STEEL and EVILDEAD), and Vincent Price is Vincent Denis, bassist of STEEL PROPHET, OBSCENE GESTURE, AGENT STEEL and TOURNIQUET. After this lesson, go and cry wherever you want. BODY COUNT is back for some action, and gave us on “Bloodlust” one of the best albums of this year.

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Civil War
2. The Ski Mask Way
3. This is Why We Ride
4. All Love is Lost
5. Raining in Blood / Postmortem 2017
6. God, Please Believe Me
7. Walk With Me…
8. Here I Go Again
9. No Lives Matter
10. Bloodlust
11. Black Hoodie
Ice-T - Vocals
Ernie C - Lead guitar, backing vocals
Juan of the Dead - Rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Sean E. Sean - Sampler, backing vocals
Little Ice - Backing vocals
Vincent Price - Bass, backing vocals, vocals on “Postmortem”
Ill Will - Drums
Record Label: Century Media Records


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