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Bodyfarm - Battle Breed Award winner

Battle Breed
by V.Srikar at 07 October 2015, 12:29 PM

I must say this, a lot of the knowledge that I have today of various bands and great music is largely due to Facebook and YouTube, and I remember coming across BODYFARM through a YouTuber who mentioned the band in one of his videos, and since then I did check out their 2013 album “The Coming Scourge” and just a few days ago when I had the option of reviewing this album, I couldn’t resist the temptation. So the legendary Dutch Death Metallers release their third studio album “Battle Breed” on Cyclone Empire Records.

With 11 songs on offer here, the album starts with a minute long instrumental in “Hell March” which has a tempo building up to a war atmosphere to it, before “The Dark Age” puts in a familiar BODYFARM territory with its fast paced Death Metal song structure. The drum work creates a fantastic rhythm and reminds me a lot of the band’s previous work and also some of the other bands in the same territory. The dark album cover art imagery resonates well with the violent and ant-social lyrics of the song and also most of the rest of the album. “Saxon Victory” continues with the groovy hair lifting riffs, and managing to sound fresh and innovative. I must mention that I noticed that the vocals of Wouters were slightly of lower volume, though I must mention that it’s not as bad to lead to a deal breaker, but still something which I felt here. The band manages to just pull short of any kind of slams or core-ish sound, and keeps the core sound intact all through the way. The rest of the album simply runs through you like an unstoppable train on a rampage. Though already mentioned, the grooves here are worth mentioning again as they are what really differentiate bands like BODYFARM from the other types of Death Metal or other Metal sub-genre bands. The vocals of Wouters slightly remind me of Johan Hegg of AMON AMARTH. “Storming Revolution” packs a lot with its chunky riffs and the band almost manage to pull out an anthem with those infectious vocals and riffs. The album ends with 2 songs which try to keep you guessing with regards to the tempo, which really tells you that the band has not lost its way anywhere in the album like most contemporary albums do.

There isn’t much to find fault here in the 45 minutes of the album, though as I mentioned earlier a slight fine-tuning of the production of vocals would have made it just perfect for me. Although most generic Metal fans may brush aside this album as “just another old school or Brutal Death Metal”, the fact is this is far from it, and this is the kind of Death Metal that I find more and more being talked about among the Death Metal connoisseurs. It’s the kind of album you want to blast out in high volume when you are pissed off about everything in life and depression has casted a cloud in your life, and you just want a way to express your anger, just dig the past and present records of BODYFARM. Fans of VADER, FACEBREAKER, and SLAYER should dig this shit. Mark your calendar, the date is 6th of November, also coincidentally my birthday!

4 Star Rating

1. Hell March
2. The Dark Age (feat. Martin van Drunen)
3. Saxon Victory
4. Dawn Of Defeat
5. The Last Crusade
6. Prince Of Wallachia
7. Storming Revolution
8. Firing Squad
9. Wolfpack
10.Death By Fire
11.Slaves Of War (Bonus-Track)
Quint Meerbeek - Drums
Thomas Wouters – Guitars, Vocals
Alex Seegers - Bass
Bram Hilhorst - Guitars
Record Label: Cyclone Empire


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