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Bodyfarm - The Coming Scourge

The Coming Scourge
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 09 September 2013, 6:52 PM

The deadly squad is ready to exterminate again, bludgeon its enemies, lowering them into the pits where no meat puppet can survive for long. If there will be a decaying process, might it well be glorious, ever so harsh and decisive. Therefore, one should think about conceding with yet another Dutch Death Metal massacre reservoir to implement meanings of pain. And we are back to the farm of death, the BODYFARM, welcoming the new upcoming defamation of “The Coming Scourge”, via the defiled Cyclone Empire label. Molesting through sharpened spikes, BODYFARM shares several elementals of late 80s DEATH and a glimpse of the old SLAYER and OBITUARY, though for the most part vilely integrated to their continent’s Death giants for influence as ASPHYX, early BOLT THROWER, GRAVE, VADER, ENTOMBED, THANATOS and the warmongering bastards of HAIL OF BULLETS. “The Coming Scourge” might be anything but generally ingenious, but for the forging of heavily violent Death with crisps of depthy Doom Metal album, the BODYFARM crew has enough spare bulk parts to manage it.

Eradicating with what could be reckoned as a typical sound direction for today’s perception of old school Death Metal like of the newer acts such as ZOMBIFIED, BLOOD MORTIZED and TORMENTED, “The Coming Scourge” is a chunky piece of bloodied dirt, oozed with power, brutal and offensive. Thomas Wouters, manning the throaty guttural frontline in the nest, cracked up to be a low register version of ASPHYX / HAIL OF BULLETSMartin Van Drunen, profoundly expounding his lyrics in quite a distinguishable fashion and with a few fiendish high end additions. Truth be told, I thought that I was about to be rounded and counted by an Aad Kloosterwaard (SINISTER) vocally influenced frontman. As far as the riffing goes, that is where the expectancy rate lowered dramatically. Without a doubt that these Wouters and Bram Hilhorst on guitars massed enough brutish meaty traditional Death Metal riffery barrages, yet after a couple of spins, those didn’t turn out that glitzy or that over the top. On the other hand, I liked the Doomish passages and the energetic blitzes accompanying the blast beat manias seemed quite flavorsome. Furthermore, throughout the tracks there were a few impressive soloing, not only of the SLAYERish basis. Along with Wouters being the main dynamo behind the vocals, BODYFARM has an immensely tight rhythm section with Mathieu Westerveld abusing and bruising the bass and Quint Meerbeek butchering the skins with destructive drumming.

“Unbroken” and “The Siege Of The Mind”, partially exemplifying the inner war within not letting go to follow an ordinary way of life, slams forward with a traditional deathly spike, strong riffery shared with several octave and harmonic displays, the bass line is monstrous defining the empowerment for the guitars. Bestowed in “The Siege Of The Mind”, the solo, more like a short lick confined the pain from within, well played. Also I have to add that these tracks have no actual chorus, yet those still are a force to recognize. Following through the end, BODYFARM surge their final blow with blast beat showcase signalling the end of another journey. “The Coming Scourge”, “The Well of Decay” and “Der Landkreuzer”, three grinding destroyers, demonstrating BODYFARM’s efficiency of mustering old school Doom drenched Death Metal. The implementation of Dirk Willems’ vocal attributions for “The Coming Surge”, right before setting the charge for another attack, immersed the slow tempo fragment with his low end growls. The assaulting “The Well of Decay” follows the same insanity, yet a bit more melodic with its tremolo picking, felt like a later GOD DETHRONED track with Black Metal hints while retains the early composure of “The Coming Surge” with another flow of meaty grinding riffs. Several of those seemed soured and over used, but no question that those corresponded with the overall carnage sensation. Stephan Gebédi’s solo effort near the ending revealed another SLAYERish influenced without leaving any substantial impact, I believe that BODYFARM’s axmen could have done on their own. “The Coming Scourge” release is a one portion in a narrow sea, Dutch to the bone with their Death Metal, BODYFARM is a preserver, paying their tribute against the sacrilege of the genre. “The Coming Scourge” is a worthy release for you Metalheads out there, get a taste of the past, even if it is not fresh but rather gooey.

3 Star Rating

1. Unbroken
2. Frontline Massacre
3. Vortex of Terror
4. The Coming Scourge
5. Eden´s Destruction
6. The Well of Decay
7. The Frozen Halls
8. Der Landkreuzer
9. The Siege Of The Mind
10. Enter the Eternal Fire (Bathory cover)
Quint Meerbeek - Drums
Thomas Wouters – Guitars / Vocals
Mathieu Westerveld - Bass
Bram Hilhorst – Guitars

Dirk Willems – Vocals (“The Coming Scourge”)
Stephan Gebédi – Guitar Solo (“Der Landkreuzer”)
Record Label: Cyclone Empire


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