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Bog Oak - A Treatise On Resurrection and the Afterlife Award winner

Bog Oak
A Treatise On Resurrection and the Afterlife
by Jacob Dawson at 20 November 2014, 8:00 PM

When a new band releases an EP, it normally shows off the bands main strengths and contains a few, short but sweet, tracks that give a flavor of what to expect from a future album. This is exactly what “A Treatise On Resurrection and the Afterlife” achieves, as it demonstrates BOG OAK’s unique style in a way that doesn’t seem perhaps as arrogant or in-your-face as a whole album might do.

The first, immediately obvious and impressive thing about the band is their vocalist. Julie is fairly unique in that she is a female death vocalist, very few of who exist, and I thought I’d been misled on her role in the band when I first heard the four tracks. She can switch from being melodic and tuneful to being demonic and terrifying in a heartbeat, and this shines through particularly well during harmonies when her growls and roars echo through both channels.

That’s not to detract from the rest of the band though, as the guitars are magnificent in their Grungy, Desert Rock-esque dirtiness as they work with the drums throughout the songs. They seem reminiscent of bands like KYUSS in their tuning and attitude, and alongside the vocals they adopt a new kind of menace that does wonders for the release as a whole.

While it’s difficult to choose a standout track, “The Resurrection Of Animals” springs to mind mainly because of its more powerful guitar and incorporation of electronic elements during the outro. There is also a fantastic build-up 90 seconds or so in which adds some spice to the song and keeps the EP varied.

The final song, “A Sea Without Shore” is arguably the weakest track, seeming to lose the energy and momentum that the previous 3 tracks had built up and dropping the tempo substantially. As a trade-off it is also heavier and Grungier, which will surely please many listeners who aren’t as interested in the power the rest of the release demonstrates.

For a first release this carries a lot of potential, not only in the freshness of the female vocals but also in the thick, complete sound of the music itself. For those interested in either Desert Rock or Doom Metal with some death vocals thrown in, this is definitely a band to watch.

4 Star Rating

1. The Science Of The Afterlife
2. The Resurrection Of Animals
3. Time Drift Of Seasons
4. A Sea Without Shore
Julie Seymour - Vocals
Steve Campbell - Drums
Phillip Gallagher - Guitar, Bass
Record Label: Svart Records


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