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Bohemyst – Čerň A Smrt

Čerň A Smrt
by Andrew Graham at 26 July 2021, 10:16 AM

Czech veterans in their latest form, BOHEMYST, unleash an absolutely kerb-stomping debut which, asides from kicking ass, promises much from future releases. Veterans of Czech heavyweights such as AVENGER and MASTER’S HAMMER, the guys on display here have clearly poured everything they’ve done before into this fine choice cut offering to \[insert dark/evil/misunderstood deity of your choice here].

The introductory track is a bleak and disturbing orchestral piece that leads the listener down the demented path into “Čerň A Smrt”, which opens with mid-paced, yet crushing, intensity before pounding the listener into the ground with the blast-beats we have come to expect. “Krvehlas” opens with similar orchestral pomp before descending into full-throttle blackened death madness, every bit as good as giants like BEHEMOTH. Truly a testament to the amount of practice these dudes have had in their various bands over the years. “Na Umrlčích Prknech” keeps a fairly slow pace, yet the droning repetitive quality has almost a march-like quality to it – move over Frank Klepacki, this is what the legions of hell march to on parade!

“Paní Lesa” is another very strong blackened death offering. There are twists and turns and subtle complexities in these songs that betray the long lineage and breadth of experience between the members. “Kosti” almost flirts with a power metal vibe with the addition of a keyboard riff during the opening – a risky gamble that, nonetheless, pays off. “Co Nelze Zapomenout” definitely leans more towards the blackened than the death end of the spectrum – this is, perhaps, a more ‘conventional’ black metal track and, oh boy, does it butter my toast!

“Nekromantika” begins with a, frankly, demented piano theme which becomes a full-blown slow dance of the damned and deranged. Choral voices round out this sick parody of romance (hence the title). It’s definitely not a ballad but is clearly written in ironic mockery of a ballad. Delightfully playful and positively deranged, this is a real high point for my money and bloody clever! “Do Chřtánu Smrti” offers another solid blackened death helping – this time with more focus on the death end of the spectrum. Album closer “Zvrácenosti Zvědavosti” utilises Czech folk music to excellent effect in its opening passage, before unleashing what really feels like the climax that the rest of the album has been building up to. The recuring folk touches in the outro makes the whole thing come satisfyingly full circle.

These guys have, to a mam, been around the block a few times and it shows. What we get is competently played, confidently delivered and genuinely does something a little bit clever and original! If BOHEMYST continues as a project then I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised to see more material of this high quality. To you, gentlemen, I say gratulujeme!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Čerň A Smrt
3. Krvehlas
4. Na Umrlčích Prknech
5. Paní Lesa
6. Kosti
7. Co Nelze Zapomenout
8. Nekromantika
9. Do Chřtánu Smrti
10. Zvrácenosti Zvědavosti
Radek Popel – Vocals
Jirka Kocián – Guitars
Petr Rámus Mecák – Guitars
František 'Infernits' Vávra – Bass
Honza Kapák – Drums
Record Label: Petrichor/Hammerheart Records


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Edited 03 February 2023

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