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Boil - aXiom

by Angela "The Hunter" at 04 April 2013, 10:51 AM

Denmark has given us a lot of awesome shit. LEGOS, VOLBEAT, KING DIAMOND, etc. Then we have the really good stuff that has made its way to our eager ears from the land of the Danes. That, my friends would be BOIL’s latest release, “aXiom”, released to the unwashed masses in February 2013, the year of…someone’s lord. Anyway, the album is great, but not the “getting up on Christmas Morning and screaming my head off” excited I was looking for. Which sucks, because I wanted to scream.

Not being a Progressive Rock / Metal fan, I usually shy away from this scene. It’s full of overly technical music, snobbish fans, and songs that are so layered the original purpose of the song is lost in the mix. BOIL does tend to buck the trend as far as these stereotypes, which is good. Your listening experience is a fairly easy one. However, “aXiom” starts off rather slow, almost soft hearted. The vocals are good, but stuck in the melancholy range of this genre. Guitar work is solid, along with the rest of the band, but the album doesn’t really pick up until “Heretic Martyr”. The last few songs on the album really showcase Jacob Løbner’s vocals; he has quite a mean growl, and gets to show off a bit more of his range. Guitar and drums are pretty standard throughout the whole album, but nothing really jumps out and catches your attention. They are just, well, good. Bass work does do a great job of holding the foundation of the songs together, and jumping into the playground of rhythm guitar.  The recording sounds rather thick and bottom heavy, which does detract from the overall  quality.  Again, that sucks.

The album as a whole is good, but really could have been better. For a rating, I would say a 6 out of ten. Until next time, stay well, and live free! 

3 Star Rating

1. Sphere
2. At The Center Of Rage
3. Sever The Tie
4. Moth To The Flame
5. Blink OF An Eye
6. Darkest
7. Equilibrium
8. Heretic, Martyr
9. Vindication
10. Ashes
11. Subound
12. Almost A Legend
Jacob Løbner - Lead Vocals
Stig Nielsen - Guitar & Vocals
Mikkel Ib - Drums, Percussion & Samples
Kenneth Avnsted - Guitar
Record Label: ViciSolum Productions


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