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Bollverk - Heading For The Crown

Heading For The Crown
by Sarah Chebaro at 06 June 2022, 10:07 PM

Yes, a metal band with an amazing female singer. That is the first thing I’m going to say before I dive into how amazing BOLLVERK really is. Coming from Aschaffenburg, Bavaria with “Heading For the Crown” as their first full-length album. There is one talented artist that came to mind when I heard Svenja’s vocals, Lizzy Hale from HALESTORM. Although BOLLVERK is more than a rock band, they are a proud Teutonic thrash metal. BOLLVERK was formed in 2018, but we all know that Teutonic metal started way before that in 1980.

The album has a mix of some heavy metal tunes with some dirty drunken metal with the sounds of MOTORHEAD. It is just filled with beautiful memorable riffs, headbanging fiery leads and powerful chorus lines. Let me first dissect the song “ Goodmorning Rock’n’Roll”. It starts with a beautiful rhythm guitar and Zahn’s raspy vocals perfectly match Svenja’s beautiful vocals. A music match made in heaven, it was an eargasm of a tune. I can say that I am that strange person that would have this as a wake-up alarm. I mean who wouldn’t want to wake up to a heavy metal song?

Master of Thunder” the sixth track on the album automatically made me think of the Lord of Thunder Thor. Wait I mean God of thunder. Marvel joke there. This song is a victorious song filled with pride and power. The chorus is harmonious, it’s almost stepping out of being a thrash metal song. Zahn’s vocals yet again take over the song. His range is more than just a raspy grunt in this track.

The 7th track on the album “Live Fast” automatically reminded me of a song that can be plated in the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack. It is pure rock’n’roll. The rhythmic guitar from Raphi and Zahn along with Angelo's drum beats took me back to a Western American film but with a metal feeling to it. This is my favorite track on the album. It’s like MOTORHEAD and IRON MAIDEN had a love child.

What better way to end a headbanging drum rolling album than with the final track called “Someday We Will Die” Apart from a cynical title, it’s also an intense song. Angelo owned the drums in this track. The guitar riffs really stuck in my head. This is the kind of song you crank up in your car with the windows down while not caring about a thing in the world. It’s the same feeling as “Live or Let Die” from GUNS N ROSES, obviously just a lot more aggressive and faster.

This band has just started and it has so much going on for them. I’m really excited to see what else they will come up with. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear something different, a mix of beautiful vocals from Svenja with Zahn’s hoarse vocals puts a big smile on my face. It’s a yin to the yang and that’s what metal music is all about. Heavy tunes with a touch of harmony.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Ask the Angel, Listen to the Devil
2. Let’s Ride Till Dawn
3. Good Morning Rock’n’Roll
4. Heading for the Crown
5. The 7th No ( ISA A KO)
6. Master of Thunder
7. Live Fast
8. Next Level of Service
9. Someday We Will Die
Raphi - Guitar
Zahn - Vocals, Guitar
Tim - Bass
Angelo - Drums
Svenja - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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