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Bolt - All Hands Unite

All Hands Unite
by Andrew Harvey at 27 November 2021, 7:38 AM

BOLT are a fantastic quintet from the Scandinavian country of Norway, they formed back in 2016 with 5 men who may be in their early/mid 40’s. But there is no way of putting these guys down with their age, they really have only scratched the surface with their debut album WILD CHILDREN (2018). Their sound is similar and influenced by JUDAS PRIEST, DIO and HELLOWEEN all put into one band. These are 5 very talented men but I would say; FREDDY VAIN on vocals, guitarists TOM ALLAN SORTNES and TOMMY NIKOLAISEN are but the main instigators of this band. Their first album was released through Rockwork Records and now their follow up album titled ALL HANDS UNITE is out now which has been released independently. Be sure to hold on tight as we go through their new album with due care and attention.

We hear only echoes of chanting subtle at first but then there is an implosion of heavy metal with an emphasis on groove is in motion with the intro track “All Hands Unite”. The thickness of guitar, aggressive and hungry to swallow up vocals and drums, spitting them out with almighty hysteria. The dark but choked vocals are spine-tingling and drums are fairly laid back, keeping the beat going. “My Serenity” has a more hardcore attitude in the guitar sound which has some good rhythm, vocal harmony and stylish lead vocals biting through the audio spectrum. There is but an appetite for high end guitar vibrato, cooled down drumming and anthem like lyrics. “Hold On” has that synthetic sound on guitar more noisy than before and drums take that step forward into the spotlight. This track certainly has a lot of taste for real hardcore rhythms and clear vocals, the contrast of clear or screamer is fabulous.

“Mental Breakdown” is a shorter track with a more glam rock guitar and echo of drums supporting vocals appropriately. “I’m Not Even There” is a more feisty, guitar contrast of rhythm or lead speaks volumes as this track is also short and sweet with guitar thrills and spills. “Turn Away” comes hard and fast, throwing much more upbeat drum patterns and featuring vocal harmonies plus rebellious lyrics, time to throw those fists in the air. “Blinded By Lies” is but a continuation of the heavy metal feel with emphasis on groove with guitar plus drums. Vocals come with an angry, grilling and devil-may-care attitude; the contrast of clean or dirty vocals is clear. “Destiny” drives the momentum that is consistent and all so mighty with pure class and style. The section where guitar leads the narrative and loses control.

“Midnight Hunter” with a more punk but darker guitar line with both lead and rhythm guitar taking their place on the audio spectrum. All systems go before another section of sizzling guitar vibrato accompanied by earth-moving drums and striking vocals. We come to a close and I enjoy this band very much, the influences of JUDAS PRIEST, HELLOWEEN and DIO are evident. The combination of the heavy guitar riffs of these bands but less melody and more in the addition of ferocious vocals or grilling drumming is very well done of course I hope that BOLT will continue to inspire may of us including myself to search for more like-minded bands similar to JUDAS PRIEST, HELLOWEEN and DIO. These three have made an impression on BOLT who are extraordinary.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. All Hands Unite
2. My Serenity
3. Hold On
4. Mental Breakdown
5. I’m Not There
6. Turn Away
7. Blinded By Lies
8. Destiny (Album Remix)
9. Midnight Hunter
Fredrik Sindsen - Vocals
Tom Allan Sortres - Guitars and Vocals (Backing)
Tommy Nikolaisen - Guitars
Stian Bakkehaug - Bass Guitar
Ronny Frislie - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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