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Bomb Scare Crew - Reign Of The Sharks (CD)

Bomb Scare Crew
Reign Of The Sharks
by Michael Dalakos at 20 March 2006, 10:00 PM

Ok, this band must have one of the wackiest names I have ever heard! At least they have an equally bizarre title for their debut album! However their music is less unorthodox - I expected a Fusion / Grind / Salsa / Emocore! This modern Thrash act verifies the golden rule wanting only extreme bands to be breaking out of the French scene and into the international market (or at least its majority).
Bomb Scare Crew stabilized their lineup in 2002. In July 2004 they released a Demo CD titled Violation Of The Riot Nation. Around December 2004 the band also filmed a video clip for the song Recidivist. A series of live performances took place (with the most known being the Emergenza Festival) and a track placement in French Metal Compilation 6 in May 2005 (the song was Mum Is A Whore).
Well, the debut album of Bomb Scare Crew is a fine sample of modern Thrash Metal that, thank God, stays closer to Thrash and avoids all core influences most new Thrash bands seem to adopt all the time. With a crunchy sound (the album was recorded at the well known Tower Studios) groovy rhythm and a vocalist really pissed off (I don't know why - maybe he didn't find his favorite cereals at the super market) the music of Reign Of The Sharks can be considered as explosive.
Though I can't really say that they have managed to bypass every single cliché of the genre, I admit that the listening session of this album was really great. There is enthusiasm in the band's spirit and this is transferred through their songs to the listener. Fans of Thrash should check them out!

4 Star Rating

Payback Time
Piss On The Flag
Mum Is A Whore
Gnawed By Pain
No Man's Land
Bomb Scare Crew
Reign Of The Sharks
Carlo - Vocals
Gilles - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Kuz - Guitar
Thom - Bass
Simon - Drums
Record Label: Self Financed


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