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Bon Jovi - The Circle (CD)

Bon Jovi
The Circle
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 17 November 2009, 6:58 PM

Last time you saw a BON JOVI album review at METAL TEMPLE was with the Lost Highway release. Actually, I was responsible for writing that review where I simply buried the album and tried hard to discover why in the hell's name they chose the country road. Well, time can heal wounds so after two years we have the latest BON JOVI album that already has faced hard criticism from the people who call themselves die-hard fans of the band's prime era. But there is something they all missing; BON JOVI can never be as they were several decades before just like METALLICA will never release another Kill 'em All album and that's period! If you are of those old-timers who often complain that things are not like they were or mock at the younger metalheads that this is not music you are listening to then please stop reading this, since you won't like it. After all you have made up your mind about The Circle so, do yourselves a favor and read something else.
As I said BON JOVI sounded out of track with Lost Highway musically since their tour that followed was more than a successful one and in the end breathed fresh air to the New Jersey act. The Circle is the result of this successful tour and will be the perfect boost for the one already planned. We Weren't Born to Follow had already showed the first signs of 'improvement' stepping away from the short country break. The track is catchy with the classic BON JOVI lets-sing-together attitude in the chorus we all love to have in every concert. The video that followed proved my saying that this band looks solid taking fully advantage of the momentum gathered with the previous tour. When We Were Beautiful slows things down but still sounds strong due to the excellent production especially in the drums that dominate here. The track steadily builds an up-lifting mood groove that is actually all over the album. In fact, this is what I am fond of in The Circle; during the hectic days we are living BON JOVI put up an album that can -and will- give courage to some people and this is not to be taken lightly. Remember that we love this music because it can be the perfect 'friend' during the bad and the good days. Work For The Working Man is killer track but not only for the groovy rhythm; the lyrics really shine talking about the struggle most of us experience in a daily basis to make a decent living and reach our goals in life. Moving on, there is Bullet another 'hit-to-be' comprising the trademark vox effect followed by an addictive guitar groove courtesy of Mr Sambora. Some already say that BON JOVI are looking in the 'time cupboard' to recover the old good recipes and re-earn their audience. Maybe this is right and maybe some tracks do sound like this, but who can say 'no' to the ala Have A Nice Day bridge on Brokenpromiseland that 'drags' you to sing the chorus?
So, this is a good album that can find a place in BON JOVI's back catalogue. The band from New Jersey has already announced some hearty US dates and actually plan to hit the UK in summer for a string of concerts that I bet will be sold out. So, leave aside the small talk and long arguments listen to the music and enjoy this BON JOVI comeback.

3 Star Rating

We Weren't Born to Follow
When We Were Beautiful
Work For The Working Man
Superman Tonight
Thorn In My Side
Live Before You Die
Love's the Only Rule
Fast Cars
Jon Bon Jovi - Vocals, Rhythm guitar
Richie Sambora - Lead guitar
David Bryan - Keyboards
Tico Torres - Drums
Record Label: Island Records


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