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Bonded - Into Blackness

Into Blackness
by Craig Rider at 17 January 2022, 5:06 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: BONDED; hailing from the glory of Germany, performing Thrash Metal, on their sophomore Full-length album entitled: “Into Blackness” (released November 12th, 2021). Since formation in 2018; the quartet in question have only 2 Full-length albums in their discography so far entitled: “Rest In Violence” (released January 17th, 2020), and this 2nd album entitled: “Into Blackness” in their discography so far. 11 tracks ranging at around 53:54; BONDED arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Thrash Metal developments.

Opening up with a blistering barrage frenzy in distorted calamity; “The Arsonist” starts things off with a belting instrumental, flamboyantly distributing rampantly rompy mayhem until “Watch (While The World Burns)” unleashes total thrash pandemonium. Trailblazing with thunderously steamrolling speed; voracious remedy stampedes with ruthless savagery, throttling with slaying grinds and killer laceration that manifests with wildly rushing sharpness on razor-splitting heat among a fierce firepower expertise that rifts bludgeoning chaos. Consisting of dexterously dynamic guitar riff of rampaging precision: Bernemann distills a crunchy jolt of rapidly swift nimbleness, catchy distinction & sonically seamless substance of organic proportion that revels with riveting synergy. “Lilith (Queen of Blood)” ramifies with this majestic forcefield of spoken-word trajectory; until more punchy tightness smothers speakers with weighty perseverance, contorted grooves and ear-piercing rumbles that tremble with sulfurous stability among a volatile snare of clobbering grit.

A harmonic but bleeding tonality utilizes uniquely versatile vehemence of extremely experimental hybrids, chiselling a concrete fabrication in gnarly finesse and blitzing havoc. Like a battering ram that stomps with rambunctiously boisterous bounciness while piledriving with profusely robust technicality, the drums hammer with sturdy thuds from elusive powerhouse Markus “Makka” Freiwald & smacking pounds that pummel with penetrating blast beats, stridently. “The Holy Whore'' engages in a rip-roaring shred of massive foundations in borderline blasphemy, while the vocals from Ingo Bajonczak showcases throaty raspiness of shouty yells that bark into a bellowing heft of oppressive gutturals and groveling authority. Gruff but impactful impulse chugs with mid-pace but high-octane velocity, scattering pieces of shrapnel shards that shatter with persistently rattling mobility. “Division Of The Damned” injects an infectiously venomous slab of solid sludginess where the production could have used some tweaking to meet HAVOK-like standards, yet still maintained with salubriously driving engagements which towers with well-crafted bangs that surge with motoring yet striking pursuits, diligently… it fizzles and crackles enough to roll heads into oblivion.

A fluidly distinguished flickering from Marc Hauschild on the audible bass flourishes with vibrantly potent yet relentless thumpiness where prodigious songwriting momentum within “Into The Blackness of a Wartime Night” transitions to deviate from the thrash metal maelstrom to diversity itself into a more somewhat melodic aesthetic, as crunchy leads from 2nd guitarist Chris Tsitsis frolics and chugs his axe into a galloping blaze of shrewd malice. “Destroy The Things I Love” has a tinge of atmospheric deathliness embedded, almost interjecting blackened furocity while mellifluous tempos capture dense meatiness…monstrously quaking with monolithic severity (of the good kind). “Final Stand” demonstrates demolishing aggression; as rawly rough intensity immersively bulldozes with quavering but archaic elements, implementing molten metal meltdowns that scours with bombarding cylinders and blustering crescendos that make use of strong tremolo effects, intertwined with raging yet screaming musicianship.

This resounding boom in “Ill-Minded Freak” resonates with some traditional, old school hooks from the titans of teutonic thrash metal veterans KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, SODOM & TANKARD. BONDED are basically an additional continuation to these German influences of these metallers where total brutality and evil empowering boundaries spellbind you with unearthing results, while technically more progressive - they surround themselves with similar attributes in which transpire with complex contrast amongst a malevolent yet descegrating assimilation should you fancy an inventive yet pioneering spectrum of modern thrash metal that will subjugate you to break chairs over other chairs in no time. The penultimate track “Way Of The Knife” slashes its way with storming flair in which starts off similarly to how it began at the start of the record, where this murderous pattern smothers eardrums among a coherent collision in cohesive evolution where transformative streams groundbreaks into a collective domination that meticulously wields with twinning guitar leads and drum cymbal taps that soar with echoing infernos of sinister but cavernous drills with ominous yet jarring excellency.

Overall concluding “Into Blackness” with the finale epic: “The Eyes Of Madness”; I am compelled to say that BONDED most surely outdone themselves with this one, the production could be a little more polished & refined, but if you prefer total noise terror…this record will not disappoint. A lot of groove-bombing warfare unleashes nuclear explosions, as an enjoyably entertaining experience delivers a fuzzy but hefty discovery that’s most surely worthy of spinning & replaying a few times. Should you fancy a destructive but banging rev of marvellous thrash - do check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. The Arsonist
2. Watch (While the World Burns)
3. Lilith (Queen of Blood)
4. The Holy Whore
5. Division of the Damned
6. Into The Blackness of a Wartime Night
7. Destroy the Things I Love
8. Final Stand
9. Ill-Minded Freak
10. Way of the Knife
11. The Eyes of Madness
Marc Hauschild - Bass
Markus “Makka” Freiwald - Drums
Chris Tsitsis - Guitars
Ingo Bajonczak - Vocals
Bernemann - Guitars
Record Label: Century Media Records


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