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Bone Gnawer - Cannibal Crematorium

Bone Gnawer
Cannibal Crematorium
by Calen Nesten at 03 September 2015, 5:44 PM

I've had a pretty shitty month, Metal Acolytes. When that happens, I like to listen to angry, no-nonsense metal. Nothing has been cutting it until “Cannibal Crematorium”, the newest release by BONE GNAWER fell into my lap. And it turns out, BONE GNAWER is just what I needed, they are aggressive, angry and loud. BONE GNAWER is the type of music you can channel your anger into and let it dissolve vicariously through their brutality. BONE GNAWER is hard, loud and violent, and I don't mean Hot-Topic and black eye-shadow angsty violent. No, BONE GNAWER is so violent, they border on a sort of dark-parody. They come at you with viciously fast Death Metal riffs that rolls along with roaring, blatantly over-the-top lyrics about the general disassembly, and eating of humans. BONE GNAWER possesses a style that is more reminiscent of a B-grade slasher-horror movie you would watch stoned with your buddies. With heavily fuzzed, rapid guitar, heavy-handed, melodic bass-lines, “Cannibal Crematorium” has an old-school Death Metal sound with a bit of a Grind element tossed in for good measure, which I suppose is perfect when you are talking about thrashing and grinding people into a fine pink mist. But what more can you expect from Kam Lee, who has been in the underground Metal scene since the early 80's? Lee has performed in the bands MASSACRE and MANTAS, a band which is known more commonly as Metal legends DEATH. He is backed by an extremely talented group of musicians, one in particular stood out to me; Morgan Lie of the one-and-only NAGLFAR! BONE GNAWER has no discernibly deep, ulterior meaning in “Cannibal Crematorium”, BONE GNAWER delivers nothing but blood soaked entertainment through their destructive Metal style.“Cannibal Crematorium” is a horror movie you can mosh to and is sure to please horror and gore junkies everywhere!

3 Star Rating

1. Anthropophagist Inferno
2. Modern Day Cannibal
3. Chainsaw Carnage
4. Horrors in the House of Human Remains
5. Chawed, Mauled & Gnawed
6. Il Sesso Bizzarro Di Cannibali
7. Chromeskull
8. Below a Murder of Crows
9. Carnivore Beneath
10. Untold Story: Human Pork Bun
11. Cannibal Crematorium
Kam Lee - Vocals
Ronnie Bjornstrom - Guitar
Morgan Lie - Drums
Rogga Johansson - Bass
Record Label: Pulverised Records


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