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Bone Tomb – Tombs Of Blood

Bone Tomb
Tombs Of Blood
by Branislav Stanojevic at 23 October 2015, 11:31 PM

United Kingdom originated Black Metal duo BONE TOMB released their first Demo in July this year. Formed by Dan Rochester as a one-man project in last days of 2013, soonly after Mark Deeks joined and they labeled their first manifest under Goatprayer Records.

Do you happen to know those bands that when you start listening to them and in the first seconds of it an image of bone crushing, blood thirty feral beings slamming instruments appear? Well, yeah, this might be that situation.

This Demo's starting off with a classic, and by classic I mean the bad-arse Old School Black Metal song, an example of deeds CELTIC FROST, BATHORY, DISSECTION have been doing over the years - “Tombs Of Blood”. There's nothing much to add, a fine numera bowing towards some pioneers of the legacy. Second one, “Macabre Is Eternal” is one of those songs were you can see the time when Black Metal started to divide. Here, you see the addition of Mark's marks. Almost New Wave Black Metal with addition of Atmospheric Black Metal approach, or at least its first steps are imprinted here; the ending part (the choir). Lyrical rescape won't tell you much – common Black Metal theme-dictionary with lots and lots of usage of “apocalyptic” or “dooms-day” words. Third song of this Demo is a cover once made by CELTIC FROST, “Sorrows Of The Moon”. My first thoughts were – “SweetDonkeyBowls not again”, not saying they've done a mistake or unlistenable something, just a no-no. Okay, let's get edgy a bit; understanding that people by covering re-honor the work once made by someone, but why? A Demo, demonstrational material should, for start, make a picture of you, you people behind the BONE TOMB, not someone else. I think this song is one of the most covered Black Metal songs ever; I've had listened to at least 4 bands doing a re-make, and was not happy about it. Again, I admit your version of this ode isn't something you'll easily find online, but even with all addtion you've added, that's not it, and never will be enough for a release of your own.

Here and there this Demo can bring you some joy. Talking sound quality you'll notice it is very decent, and well-mastered. Overall, I am not satisfied and I believe not so many people will be. There's potential, and I am sure it will arise somewhen. Feel free to create.

3 Star Rating

1. Tombs Of Blood
2. Macabare Is Eternal
3. Sorrows Of The Moon (CELTIC FROST cover)
Dan Rochester – All instruments, Vocals
Mark Deeks - Keyboards, Effects
Record Label: Goatprayer Records


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