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Bone Gnawer - Feast Of Flesh (CD)

Bone Gnawer
Feast Of Flesh
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 15 September 2009, 1:59 PM

What the fuck is this? A new underground supergroup? I guess I wouldn't mind adding one more good Death Metal album to my collection, if these guys manage to meet my expectations of course. I suppose you are already checking out the more than cool names that spin around this record, huh?

The band is pretty new since it was only formed last year and the quartet quickly decided to enter the studio for the recording of their very first full-length assault. Kam Lee, who is known for his history with DEATH and MASSACRE, the always busy Rogga Johansson, NAGLFAR's Morgan Lie and RIBSPREADER's Ronnie Bjornstrom team up for a brutal holocaust full of deadly riffing and chaotic Death Metal!

It is amazing how these guys manage to match the old school European Death Metal sound with the modern one. Something like the groove and rotten sound of DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED meets the brutality of VOMITORY. The experience and talent the band's members carry are surely lethal weapons and it seems that this is not one of those supergroups that are condemned to fail. The raw, yet heavy production, the Death Metal whirlwind contained in Feast Of Flesh and the kickass gore/splatter lyrical themes are only a few of the incredible ingredients of this killer cannibalistic recipe.

If you add the guest appearances by singers like NECROPHAGIA's Killjoy, IMPETIGO's Stevo Do Caixao and MACHETAZO's Dopi, you realize that we are talking about a fine treat for every Death Metal fan. My opinion… Go get it!

3 Star Rating

Feast Of Flesh
Sliced & Diced
Cannibal Cook-Out
Make You Die Slow
Hammer To The Skull
The Saw Is Family
Hatchet Face
Defleshed And Skinned
Anthropophagus Beast
The Lucky Ones Die First
Kam Lee - Vocals
Rogga Johansson - Bass, Backing Vocals
Ronnie Bjornstrom - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Morgan Lie - Drums

Guest Musicians:
Killjoy - Vocals
Stevo Do Caixao - Vocals
Dopi - Vocals
Record Label: Pulverised Records


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