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Bonemechanics - Engine Of Dissent

Engine Of Dissent
by Matan "Shouter" Yaniv at 13 March 2015, 6:55 PM

BONEMECHANICS is a Death Metal band that comes from Helsinki, Finland. The band doesn't play an ordinary classic Death Metal genre, and they are turning also to the crowd of Thrash Metal and even to the heavier Groove Metal. The band was formed in 2011 and in these days launches the band's debut EP, which has fallen right into my hands.

With a short electric intro, the album starts "Snake Oil". The song contains a lot of sophisticated riffs and a great rhythm, but it doesn't contain any highlight point or any point where there are some notable changes; a bit same-y.

"Lost In The Engine of Dissent" is heavier and a lot better. The song is more fun and there are some highlights points in the song, small points but still much better than the first track. It looks like that shorter songs are better for the band. "Back To Back" is a nice song, not fun as "Lost In The Engine of Dissent" but definitely an improvement on "Snake Oil". It's even the heaviest in this album, there are even some parts in the song that hint a little toward Brutal Death Metal and Grindcore.

"Ludovician" is my least favorite song in the EP. The song starts strong but once again the shortage of highlight is making me, as a listener, feel tired. It could be forgiven if the song lasted 2-3 minutes, but its 7 and a half very long minutes.

In the bottom line, the purpose of BONEMECHANICS's songs is to create a pure fun of loud guitars and very fast rhythm. The band managed to do it and there are some very good moments on the EP. However, as much that the band investing time to create a technical parts, they needed to create at least some kind of dynamism present from song-to-song (and within the songs; there's not much point in a track being 7 minutes long if it gets boring after 3).

The biggest drawback of the band is that parts in their songs are repetitive and it doesn't create much depth. With shorter songs as "Lost In The Engine of Dissent" it's working and the pure fun is winning, but in songs such as "Ludovician" the band needed to create a deeper points. Anyway, it's still the band's first EP and I am suggesting to the crowd to follow their progress in the future, I know I will.

3 Star Rating

1. Snake Oil
2. Lost In The Engine of Dissent
3. Back To Back
4. Ludovician
5. Passage
Jarno Kolehmainen - Vocals
Sami Helle - Guitar
Pekka Okuloff - Guitar
Ville Riihelä - Bass
Olli Salonen - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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