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Boneyard - Fear Of A Zombie Planet

Fear Of A Zombie Planet
by Alex Blaza at 02 September 2014, 2:12 PM

Well the first track on this album starts off pretty damn well; it starts off very quiet and gradually gets louder and then well when everything is playing all at once it sort of goes down hill from there.

The guitar track quality is poor and the vocals are too loud; even though the vocals are too loud I still cannot understand what in the name of the old gods the vocalist is singing about because the vocals do sound like excrement gargling down slowly through a blocked toilet. The only upside to the opening track was that you could hear the drums and bass which is quite rare on a lot of rock albums, cough METALLICA’s “And Justice For all” cough.

So the opening track “Rise” of the dead was a poor opening what about the rest of the album surely there are better tracks. Oh boy was I wrong. The second track is called “Silent agony”; trust me it was more agonizing listening to that track. Once again the production quality was bloody awful; was the person who mixed this album an ape or something. No, that is unfair to apes; probably someone who is tone deaf, probably Simon Cowell, but anyway the second track and probably all the tracks will sound this terrible.

Oh boy was I right about every other track apart from the “Let the good times rot” until the vocalist opened his mouth. Before people have a go at me for criticizing the vocal style of this band, I do listen to extreme genres of Heavy Metal music like Death Metal with bands like DEICIDE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEATH, POSSESED, OBITUARY, BOLT THROWER, among many others and I also listen to Black Metal with bands like EMPEROR, MAYHEM, BEHEMOTH, DIMMU BORGIR and many others; but BONEYARD have a bit of a journey to complete if they are going to make it. If they were to read this review then I advise them fire the burke who produced this album because he has done such a poor job of producing this which is such a bloody shame because I think with the right producer who can make them sound better on CD they can go to new heights.

The only track I could really like is track 6 on this album which is called “No Way Out”, mainly because it wasn’t so hectic with the speed compared to rest of the album, which is weird for me to say that because I love Heavy Metal music which is fast and aggressive. Though after a minute of the track it does speed up and it does actually sound good.

So to conclude, BONEYARD have made a terrible album not just because the vocalist sounds bloody awful, but because they did not seem to realize that the production quality of the final mix of the album is so atrocious that even Joey Essex could probably do a better job. So the message to BONEYARD is simple; get a new vocalist, re-record this album and get a producer who will do a good job. Even I will offer to do it as I studied Music Production for three years at university. My rating for this album is unfortunately 2/10. It would have been 1/10 but I like the album cover on this album.

1 Star Rating

1. Rise of the Dead
2. Silent Agony
3. Carnival of Terror
4. All My Friends are Dead
5. Let the Good Times Rot
6. No Way Out
7. Cannibals
8. Under the Streetlight
9. Grind, Death Metal and Beer
10. Lost in the Green Hell
11. Boneyard (Impetigo Cover)
Noel Kemper - All Instruments, Vocals
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


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