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Book of the Dead - Bound in Flesh, Inked in Blood Award winner

Book of the Dead
Bound in Flesh, Inked in Blood
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 10 June 2020, 7:54 PM

As the Death Metal invasion was unleashed in Europe in the beginning of the 90’s by English and Swedish bands, in the USA, Tampa (Florida) exploded as well, revealing beginner bands with blood in the eyes and the will to take the extreme Metal scene by force. And from Baltimore, Maryland, comes a fast and furious trio called BLOOD OF THE DEAD that came to rip ears off with their first release, the EP “Bound in Flesh, Inked in Blood”.

Combining the extreme aggressiveness from USA Death Metal School with some very good melodic aesthetics, the musical work of this trio is surprising, because it seems as a kick in the teeth, but done with a careful set of musical arrangements. It’s not extreme or melodic for convenience, but it’s what they’re about. And what a great work these three maniacs unleashed, with an amazing energy and hooking melodies, but extreme and brutal as well. Be prepared to be hanged, drawn and quartered by their music! Such brutal storm of aggressiveness and melodies was produced by the hands of Robert Polanco at Espaiatt Studios, and mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios. Besides it’s not perfect, the sonority is great, allowing their music to be fully understood and absorbed by the senses.

Their four songs aren’t so long, so it’s not difficult to hear. But “Bound in Flesh, Inked in Blood” (very good Thrash/Death Metal insight, with nasty screams and grunts laid on the melodic and furious instrumental basis), “The Drachnid” (a furious and insane drumming can be heard here, along with nasty and melodic guitar riffs), “Rathole to Rathole” (the emphasis on melodies and technique is great, with storming shredding solos from the guitars, and bass guitar giving a solid support for the rhythm), and “The Offering” (a bone- crushing song, with nasty contrasts from screams and grunts being shown) are killing pieces of brutal art that deserve to be heard by all extreme Metal fans that have guts!

“Bound in Flesh, Inked in Blood” is a fine first coming, but at the end of it, all that the listener wants is a full album from BOOK OF THE DEAD.

Musicianship: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Bound in Flesh, Inked in Blood
2. The Drachnid
3. Rathole to Rathole
4. The Offering
Mike Comegys - Vocals
Wes Walker - Guitars
Charlie Marvel - Guitars, Bass, Drums
Record Label: Rebel Pyro Musick


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