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Book of Wyrms - Remythologizer

Book of Wyrms
by Gary Hernandez at 19 August 2019, 4:21 PM

August 23, 2019 BOOK OF WYRMS will introduce their second volume to the annals of Doom Metal. “Remythologizer” is the band’s second album and comes on the heels of their remarkable 2017 LP, “Sci-Fi/Fantasy.” Fans of the first album will note that guitarist Ben Coudriet has left the band, leaving on amicable terms. Kyle Lewis, also on guitars, remains. Both gentlemen appear on the album. The rest of the band remains the same from 2016 lineup.

On the Doom scale with, say, RUBY THE HATCHET on one end and ELECTRIC WIZARD on the other, BOOK OF WYRMS are solidly in the RUBY THE HATCHET camp. Thematically they are biased toward the fantasy arena, hence the title of their first album. They also don’t seem to take themselves too seriously with song titles suggesting a late night drinking session at GenCon—e.g. “Undead Pegasus,” “Curse of the Werecop,” “Dust Toad.” In my book this is a good trait.   Although “Remythologizer” is a much shorter effort than their first album, it’s still fairly compelling. Vocalist Sarah Moore-Lindsey has a clear, articulate delivery. You probably won’t see her leaving to join a Symphonic Metal band, but she does have a gutsy and distinctive sound. Her keyboard work on this album is also better and more selective than on the first. Jay Lindsey and Chris Dehaven comprise a formidable rhythm section, and the guitar work of Kyle Lewis (and Ben Coudriet) is strong both on the riff and solo front.

From their first album, you’ll notice some differences. Sarah relies less on the echo chamber effect, and the guitar work is more refined but less heavy. Personally, I prefer refined and heavy, but each to their own taste. Standout tracks are “Autumnal Snow,” a bluesy yet heavy number. “Blacklight Warpriest” is also a strong, moody piece with a psychedelic edge. “Dust Toad” is a complex piece. Weighing in at over nine minutes, the song gives the band the real estate to explore some musical space. And finally, “Spirit Drifter” rides a nice riff and drops into some serious fuzz. Songs I could have done without are “Curse of the Werecop” and “Undead Pegusus.” I know that last remark will upset some fans, but for my tastes it has too much of a country rhythm (albeit sped up) and it’s a bit too campy. I appreciate the cover art which depicts the beast, but I do have my reservations about the song itself.

Final analysis: BOOK OF WYRMS has significantly progressed since their last album. While they have shed some of their rawness, and with it some of their heaviness, they have also become more refined. “Remythologizer” is an excellent second album. BOOK OF WYRMS have seemed to set their trajectory, and it’s a good one.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Autumnal Snow
2. Blacklight Warpriest
3. Undead Pegasus
4. Spirit Drifter
5. Curse of the Werecop
6. Dust Toad 
Sarah Moore-Lindsey – Vocals, synthesizers
Kyle Lewis - Guitar
Chris DeHaven - Drums
Jay Lindsey - Bass
*with Ben Coudriet - Guitar
Record Label: Twin Earth Records


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