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Book Of Wyrms – Occult New Age

Book Of Wyrms
Occult New Age
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 20 April 2021, 2:12 PM

BOOK OF WYRMS is a doom band from Richmond, Virginia. In 2015 they released their first demo. Flash forwarding to 2021 sees the band releasing their third full length "Occult New Age." Their previous album, "Remythologizer" was an enjoyable experience so how does this one hold up?

It isn't quite as heavy this time around but the song writing has increased ten fold. I'm not sure if it's the production or maybe the more bluesy old school doom riffs but this one takes a more stoner/psychedelic approach. There isn’t anything wrong with that and the band nails the sound anyway. The bass, played by Jay Lindsey, really pops on this album, especially during the guitar solos when the instrument, alongside the drums, become the backbone of the songs. Speaking of drums, Chris DeHaven plays his ass off on this album—he definitely knows his way around the songs and keeps them exciting.

As the only guitarist, Kyle Lewis has a very demanding job of keeping the overall sound full. He does a commanding job and his approach melds the old with the new. And what can be said of vocalist/keyboardist Sarah Moore Lindsey? A lot. Her voice is absolutely wonderful and she was born to sing this style of music. Her keys are quirky and nuanced—always a welcomed addition.

The album opens up with "Meteoric Dagger" and the riffs that come along with it. I love the slick guitar leads in between the lyrical stanzas and how the bass keeps the song on firm ground. The drums accent entering and departure in between these sections and cap it off nicely. Around the two minute make the song slows to a crawl but those drums list go all out while Sarah croons over it all.

"Hollergoblin," is one of the album's best songs and it is an slow mo epic. The band piles on the haze and psychedelics for the first four minutes. Trippy guitar solos, fuzz bass and keys set the mood. The vocals and heavier style riffs that come later add further dimensions to a song that is already full of depth. A hell of a ride and the sudden faster tempo near the end is a blast. "Speedball Sorcerer" ups the tempo a bit and doubles down on the heaviness—the guitar and bass are very deadly here. The subtle use of keys intertwine with it all for just the right amount of psychedelic tendencies.

"Dracula Prectice" begins with a great bass lines and drums that get the ball rolling as the guitar builds up tension with a solo. The main riff is heavy and groovy with the vocals rolling right along with it. Around the 4:15 mark the bass and keys create this trippy vibe and that gets a heavy foundation with the guitar and snare drum attack. All in all, "Occult New Age" is a step up for the band and a hugely satisfying trip down the doom rabbit hole.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Meteoric Dagger
2. Colossal Yield
3. Albrionlilly
4. Hollergoblin
5. Keinehora
6. Speedball Sorcerer
7. Weatherworker
8. Dracula Practice
Jay “Jake” Lindsey – Bass, Synthesizer
Chris DeHaven – Drums, Percussion
Sarah Moore Lindsey – Vocals, Synthesizer
Kyle Lewis - Guitars
Record Label: Desert Records


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