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Boomerang - Balance Of Hate (CD)

Balance Of Hate
by Grigoris Chronis at 16 November 2005, 8:21 PM

If we're talkin' about European Heavy Metal nowadays, it's Germany we should refer to. Let aside the glory days of British Metal music; especially after the Keepers… dominance, it's 100% true that the land of engineering, beer and sausages holds the scepters of metallic madness. It's not weird that: a) the biggest record labels now hail from Germany, b) major music stores/mail orders sum up our money and b) premier Metal summer fests take place all over the German ground. Manowar sung Hail To England twenty years ago but the British pals do not seem to have made it any further.
Boomerang caught my attention three years ago with their Weaveworld (2002) debut. Aggressive Metal music, anthemed with savage melodies and twin - at times - vocal lines; an apparent scope for providing the Metal market with adrenaline for passionate steel. Their name grew big in the underground scene since then, giving them the chance to share their obsession for what 'old' metalheads call 'Epic Metal'. Still, I wouldn't put it that strictly, since there are various elements from both 'traditional' German and Thrash Metal (in terms of the rhythm section, in particular). The band would rise in 1996 from the ashes of Thrash maniacs Argus, you see…
For everyone that enjoyed the Weaveworld album, the follow-up sounds even better. Of course, Boomerang learned much from their first effort; hence, the production is more 'solid', the musical ideas seem extra 'studied' and the vast majority of the tunes have the potential to grab ya by the balls and stick ya to the wall of your local Metal club. If Waveworld provided sufficient 'hidden' info for the faithful, then Balance Of Hate widely unveils the strong point of Boomerang: honest power for Heavy Metal music, the German way.
The base of Boomerang's music lies mainly within a mix of Teutonic ideas, placed the American way. Johann's leads 'betray' his origin; still they surely are suitable for the band's style. In addition, pounding drums accompanied by thunderous bass lines provide the applicable backup for a 'raw' guitar duo. Now, in terms of songwriting, the spirits of Grave Digger and Brainstorm interact with various 80's U.S. Metal elements in the vein of Jag Panzer, early Savatage or Savage Grace adopted years ago (Jag Panzer still do). Some Doomsword supremacy shows its teeth here and there while Bay Area stuff burst out during instrumental 'bridges' in the songs. In a set of equally good tunes - yet nothing innovative - Undiscovered Country, Mind Odyssey and the title track track somehow make a slight difference.
Do you visit Wacken Open Air and Bang Your Head festivals only if a 'reunited' 80's Heavy Metal band is set to appear? Otherwise, do you prefer traveling to Keep It True and Headbangers Open Air fests? If yes then grab Balance Of Hate as soon as possible; Boomerang's capable of even better things in the future. They're honest and they walk it how they talk it.

3 Star Rating

Suffocated Cries
Undiscovered Country
TCO II (The Immortal)
Silence Cries
Balance of Hate
The Hand That Signed The Paper
Betwixt The Temples
Mind Odyssey
Praise The Loud
Axel Johann - Lead Vocals
Thomas Fahrnbach - Guitar & Vocals
Stefan Zobel - Guitar
Daniel Schafer - Bass
Andreas Reichard - Drums
Record Label: Trance Music


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