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Booze And Glory - As Bold As Brass Award winner

Booze And Glory
As Bold As Brass
by V. Srikar at 22 May 2014, 12:00 PM

Now I was given freedom to choose from a list of new albums to review and I choose this album just because of its cheesy name, hahaha!! Now the last Hard Rock band that blew my mind was AIRBOURNE, AC/DC style rockers, so I wanted to see if this band can surprise me any bit and boy it did right from the word go.

Now frankly speaking I did not have expectations from this album and allowed the music to hit me the way it was. I have never been a fan of country or folk music, but BOOZE AND GLORY brings in happy joy filled casual country music and folk songs with Punk and Hard Rock touch. Of course the music is fast paced and free flowing, but it’s the uniqueness of the music and the clarity and precision is what pleasantly surprised me. For once forget about individual instruments and the technical abilities of each musician, cuz the music as a whole will touch your soul and heart and will make you dance like a madman just like I did.

This might be branded by some as too commercial or radio friendly by some, by guess what I don’t care a rats ass as long as I enjoy this country joy ride. Where else but in songs like “Leave The Kids Alone” will you find cheesy lyrics that you can understand every word and sing along to it. “Sick of You” can easily be a revolutionists’ new anthem against governments across the world!! The rest of the songs are good but offer nothing different except for the Bonus track “Always On The Wrong Side” which is acoustic and has more folk music feel to as there are multiple people singing in chorus creating anthemic feel and a perfect ending to this gem of an album.

I only wish that the vocals were raspier and dirtier like that of Lemmy’s as it would added more spice to this tasty joy ride as the vocals here are more suited for that of Alternate Rock than Hard Rock. The songs are anthemic, party mode and air guitar friendly and are perfect to uplift a dull mood.

Lack of variety between most of the songs except in songs like “One of Them” is the only problem I have with this otherwise gem of an album. BOOZE AND GLORY makes you realize the very reason you have been into Rock and Metal – just to have some fun and express your feelings towards the society in general. I was quite surprised that there was no title track, but the 13 songs give you enough high to forget all of that and trust me blindly go check ‘Booze and Glory’ out because this music breaths new fresh air into modern Rock and Metal music.

4 Star Rating

1. Off We Go!
2. Leave The Kids Alone
3. Down And Out
4. Waiting For Tomorrow
5. One Of Them
6. Julie
7. Only Fools Get Caught
8. Sick Of You
9. Farewell Goodbye
10. I Hope You Still Remember
11. Cock & Bull Story
12. BONUS: Always On The Wrong Side (Acoustic)
Bart - Bass
Liam - Vocals, Guitar
Mark - Vocals, Guitar
Mario - Drums
Record Label: Sailor's Grave Records


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