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Borboropsis – Decorticated Burial Of Delirium

Decorticated Burial Of Delirium
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 10 October 2021, 7:06 AM

BORBOROPSIS is a death/doom band from Ohio.  "Decorticated Burial Of Delirium," is their debut release. This is a three track EP but it is twenty four minutes long so there is a substantial amount of doom here. I immediately noticed how sinister the guitar tone—–these strings are channeling hellfire. The overall atmosphere is dark, suffocating and sulfuric. As far as death/doom goes, I can't think of a better set of adjectives.

"Echoed Winds Of Corporeal Derangement," begins with twisted melodies that don't lighten the mood but instead reinforce this bleakness.  Likewise, the clean instrumentation that is mixed into this craziness just further expands the shadow.  I love that elements that other bands use to offset heaviness are used differently on this song (and album). The dismal melody of the guitar continues throughout the song, backed by thick ass riffs that coat the song so densely that I'm shocked the audio didn't physically manifest out my headphones.

The second track, "Transmute Miseries Of The Solemn Halls," leans heavily on the death metal portion of their sound by opening with a frontal assault of rapid riffs and even faster drums. The tone, however, remains as it was so the doom sound is still firmly locked in. In essence, the album keeps its dark and grave tone even when it attempts to rip your head off. The riffs around the 2:00 minute mark are seemingly unstoppable. A melodic bridge builds between this and another brutal session but I liked the sudden turn of events and variety. After the six minute mark, Spanish style guitar enters the arena of hellish doom. Not only is this a very unconventional and awesome turn of events but it somehow makes the song even more menacing. And the ending guitar? Genius.

The final track is "Decortication | Burial," and it begins with an immediate slab of distortion. The song alternates between funeral doom slowness and quick bursts of speed. Despite the change in tempo, the song doesn't sound disjointed. A large part of why is the drums that keep a somewhat frantic style even when the songs dials back the speed. I think this song is the best on the EP just because it is a damn good representation of the album's overall atmosphere and because its just a massive performance that caps off the album perfectly.

There are  worse ways to spend 24 minutes and as far as EPs go, “Decorticated Burial Of Delirium” has become one of my favorites of this year.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Echoed Winds of Corporeal Derangement
2. Transmute Miseries of the Solemn Halls
3. Decortication/Delirium 
Max Otworth - Drums
Cole Shirley - Bass
Adam Witmer - Guitar
Nash Walkup – Guitar/Vocals 
Record Label: Solitude Productions


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