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Borealis - The Offering

The Offering
by Bradley Karr at 17 April 2018, 9:08 PM

BOREALIS is a Canadian power metal band. “The Offering” is the fourth studio album from the band. It follows up the re-recording of BOREALIS’ debut album “World of Silence” in 2017. “The Fire Between Us” begins with a nice melody with a smattering of heavy riff. The track picks up the speed with a barrage of drums but manages to stay very melodic. The vocals come in as the song slows down which is good because the vocals are very tame but match that part of the song well. The music is good but sometimes feels all over the place, jumping from very slow to heavy and fast paced.

The title track “The Offering” begins with a very crunchy guitar riff. The drums are on point as well and blend nicely with the heavy guitar. The vocals again are clean and never stray from that style. The vocalist keeps pace with the riffs. Overall a good song, you will find yourself headbanging to this track. “The Second Son” gets more experimental as the band opens up the sound to be more atmospheric. Unfortunately, it doesn’t keep that grandness up throughout the song. The chorus is very big but in between it is like the sound becomes less. I would have liked to hear the grand sound throughout the entire track. The vocals match up nicely with riffs in the chorus, giving the song even more depth.

“The Devil’s Hand” is a beautiful slow song. The song comes in with a nice calm guitar riff. It is joined by what I think was a violin or cello. The inclusion of this gives the song even more weight as it and the guitar meld wonderfully together. The vocals are nice and subdued to match the music. This track is my favorite on the album, even though it isn’t a hard song. I think the band pulls the song off beautifully. “Scarlet Angel” is another subdued song from the band. It is a slow burn to the chorus line when the riff kicks in and you have a proper power metal song on your hands. There isn’t much I can say is wrong with this nice track.

BOREALIS ends the album with “The Ghosts of Innocence”. It’s a massive song of eight plus minutes that begins with some amazing piano. The song lulls with the softness and slowness of the piano before screaming out with heavy guitars and vocals. The vocals on this track are shared with a female vocalist that makes the song take on a whole new level. This is a proper song to end the album on, it has that grand power metal feel to it, and at no time did the runtime get to me. Overall, I enjoyed this album from BOREALIS. The band had some really nice tracks on the album. They didn’t do anything new or change the power metal sound in any way, but I think anyone that likes that sound will enjoy this album. With its good mixture of slow ballads and power songs I would definitely recommend this album.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. The Fire Between Us
2. Sign of No Return
3. The Offering
4. River
5. The Second Son
6. The Devil’s Hand
7. Into the Light
8. Scarlet Angel
9. The Awakening
10. The Path
11. Forever Lost
12. The Ghosts of Innocence
Matt Marinelli – Vocals & Guitars
Ken Fobert – Guitars
Trevor Mcbride – Bass
Sean Werlick – Keyboards
Sean Dowell – Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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