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Born From Pain - Dance With The Devil

Born From Pain
Dance With The Devil
by Isha Shah at 23 October 2014, 3:10 PM

Dating back to the early years of Heavy Hardcore, where everything was much simpler, emerged BORN FROM PAIN in 1997, now you may be thinking, “Whoa this band is 17 years old?!” but make no mistake you are right. Carrying on the true legacy, the fivesome are still producing contemporary music with the release of “Dance With The Devil” on November 28th.

With such a long line of history to withhold, the band are now challenged with getting a sound across to a modern audience after altering their tone for many years.

Taking a British themed voice intro, sets “As Above, So Belo” up with its sudden cut into a monotonous buildup riff that draws great attention for the following track ‘Cause And Effect’, sweeping in correspondingly.

Already, the grove murderous movements are pounded in your face as the whole new matured sound is exposed. As for Hardcore, BORN FROM PAIN do well to stick to their original roots, while also adapting to complex mixtures of sounds that collaborative collectively to form rhythmic tracks, falling under one solid album.

“Truth of the Street” stands out, highlighted Rob Franssen’s vocals also then joined by Matthi Nasty, to be short, crips and sharp, spitting directly in your face with every word. Its effortless effect is award greatly to pull this track off firmly as it captures you to carry on with the albums journey.

Keeping content with the sinister voice, guiding you throughout the end of each track, this little touch adds to the albums overall finish, distinctive and post, setting them up as a strong contender.
Leaching all limelight “Dance With The Devi” provides an infectious sound that makes you want to get up and mosh right away, with its strong chorus repeating its self in a nifty twist, a surprise guitar solo also breaks down the bridge for a final dance before the aggressive breakdowns consume you.

Surly the quintet have taken a milder approach to their progressive Hardcore sound, as the focus is pulled on both sides, allowing the vocals to compliment the harsh instruments, producing an outcome of havoc. This new taster stands strong in all decades of their work, as you can’t really find fault in any of the tracks, each flows smoothly with the next, creating an overall unity.

An interesting track, ‘Stand Free’ surprises us with a short bridge of raps, produced by Def P, giving the tune an alternative twist to separate from. The chugging Metal core sound appears to have gone almost unheard of within the new record as its focus is solely tied, as similar noises are heard with Backtrack NY.

Not too sure that the sound will be satisfying to diehard fans, as the change is inevitable yet progressive enough for you to change with, BORN FROM PAIN without a doubt still have it in them, ending the journey as it started.

4 Star Rating

1. As Above, so Below
2. Cause & Effect
3. Eye in the Sky
4. Truth of the Streets (feat. Matthi Nasty)
5. Chokehold
6. Lone Wolf
7. Dance with the Devil
8. Roots
9. Bleed the Poison (feat. Scott Terror)
10. Stand Free (feat. Def P)
11. Nomad (feat. Lalo, Aleks, Riz King Ly Chee)
12. Hidden track
Rob Franssen - Vocals
Dominik Stammen - Guitar
Pete Görlitz - Bass
Servee Olieslagers - Guitar
Max van Winkelhof - Drums
Record Label: BDHW Records


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