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Born Undead - Violator Of Humanity

Born Undead
Violator Of Humanity
by Emily Coulter at 20 March 2014, 2:37 AM

BORN UNDEAD is a band who creates Brutal Death Metal in a way never done before, named after a classic by the Death Metal band AUTOPSY, BORN UNDEAD are not for the faint hearted and their first E.P ''Violator Of Humanity'' is enough to make anyone weak, the E.P may only be 4 songs long but it will surely blow your brains out. The trio combine old school thrash with death metal with a little bit of grind mixed in, if EXHUMED is your kind of Metal then you're in for a treat.

Opening up with title track ''Violator Of Humanity'' the band breaks into their unique gore sound, a slow old school riff by Sewer Skull takes it to its peak within seconds but it won't prepare you for Sadist's gruesomely low vocals which sound like they came from the pits of hell but the best part comes in at 2:22 with an unexpected solo from Sewer Skull which makes it so much more enjoyable. The lyrical content is dark and repulsive with verses such as ''Haunting and killing again and again, Raping and taking your purity away''. BORN UNDEAD have set their selves a high goal for the rest of the songs on the E.P when they create such a heavy song as this.

''Revenge Of Necrovore'' is a lot faster than the previous and has more of a Thrash influence involved which can be spotted on the guitar riffs, BORN UNDEAD get even more sickly with the lyrics which only makes Sadist's vocals sound more haunting, making listening to the E.P such a unique experience. Sewer Skull and Fiend work together excellently where Fiend's drumming is full of blast beats and fills whilst Sewer Skull's guitar work is full of fast riffs and sludge guitar solos. The band come together with their own unique styles and it really shines through on the EP, with their creative sound they could rival some of the biggest bands in their genre.

BORN UNDEAD turns down the guitar tuning to a sludge/doom sound when they play ''Splatter Fuck'' but still makes it enjoyable to listen to, even when it gets slightly faster in parts. Sadly ''Splatter Fuck'' isn't everything you would expect it to be, you would expect a lot more from the band when compared to the previous two songs but they still manage to pull out a song which is easy to head bang too. Sadist's vocals sound strained in parts which does ruin it but he makes up for it when he reaches the deafening lows of his vocal range.

Final track of ''Violator Of Humanity'' is ''Undead Torment'' which brings back their original death metal sound with vengeance, Sadist's vocals are on top form from the disappointing previous track, showcasing his highs and lows where he can screech and growl along to the roaring riffs of Sewer Skull. By the time you hit half way through the song you already love it more than any other track, and that in its self is impressive. ''Undead Torment'' is for anyone who loves bands such as OBITUARY and AUTOPSY. It's a fantastic way to end the E.P as it shows how the band has the potential to be one of the best Death Metal bands around.

For BORN UNDEAD'S first release, ''Violator Of Humanity'' is impressive to say the least. Packed with a mix of thrash, death and grind the trio of metal heads have created an E.P which is enough to make your ears bleed with how heavy it is, though the band have a lot to learn when they make their next album it is no doubt it will be even heavier. 

3 Star Rating

1. Violator Of Humanity
2. Revenge Of The Necrovore
3. Splatter Fuck
4. Undead Torment
Sadist – Vocals
Sewer Skull – Guitars
Fiend – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 04 February 2023

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