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Born From Pain - Survival (CD)

Born From Pain
by Rena Koutsou at 25 December 2008, 5:57 PM

Being one of the tops in the playlist of many hardcore metallers, BORN FROM PAIN, who were always a great example of the late 90's hardcore/Metal genre, are now returning after a two years break with a new refreshing attitude and changes to many sections such as the lineup that wants the former bassist of BORN FROM PAIN getting the vocal section of the band after the breakaway of Che Snelting and a new drumming member Roy Moonen.

 The new album with the title Survival shows that BORN FROM PAIN may needed a renewal, as their fast and aggressive style was changed to many beatdown rhythms and mid tempos with a combination of some modern melodic riffs that give the idea that maybe they were a bit blown away from new style bands such as MACHINE HEAD or by adjudging the track The Wolves Are Loose may allow us to create an association that the dutch masters were lately influenced by MASTODON.

 The most certain though is that if their aim was to become more up-to-date by composing such songs, they didn't reach it at all cause the general ID of the album still remains an all time BORN FROM PAIN classic with the distinctiveness of the new vocals and that is - I guess - for the fans the best thing on the last release 'cause this is what the audience expects/asks from bands like this.

The lyrics are once again politically conscious and seasonable as you can immediately notice that the chosen names of the album have to do with their belief that: In the year 2008 the world is more than ever in a state of disarray and chaos.

Despite the fact that this album's positive elements equals much to the negative ones and taking into consideration that music never appeals to dispassionate people, you should give this album a chance to be reviewed also by yourselves.

3 Star Rating

Sound Of Survival
State Of Mind
Sons Of A Dying World
The Wolves Are Loose
Never Die
Final Collapse
The Hydra
Zero Hour
Under False Flag
Rob Franssen - Vocals
Dominik Stammen - Guitar
Karl Fieldhouse - Guitar
Andries Beckers - Bass
Roy Moonen - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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