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BornBroken - The Healing Powers of Hate

The Healing Powers of Hate
by Bex "Hardcore" Tasker at 22 July 2013, 1:39 PM

Sirens and muttering voices introduce the listener into the 10-track album "The Healing Powers Of Hate" by 5-piece Canadian band BORNBROKEN, in the aptly-named opening track "Can’t Quiet The Riot". This riotous Thrash Metal band certainly can’t be quietened, at least in the 45 or so minutes the album occupies. The track ends with a multitude of voices and sounds, producing a very eerie effect. The second track, "Old News", reminded me somewhat of "Wage Slaves" by the well-known ALL SHALL PERISH, at least in terms of its rhythm and singing style. The drums are super funky, complimented greatly by catchy guitar riffs. The listener receives a warm welcome into the third track, "Anger Of The Day", by the vocalist, who dismally states “today is a day I love to hate”. It's okay, though, hate has healing powers, apparently. The more hateful the day, the lower your cholesterol, believe it or not. The fifth track, "I Will Rise", is as motivating as it is heavy. Its groovy riffs and frequent breakdowns encourage the listener to get up and get moving, or at least to headbang in time with the catchy beat. The song ends, however, with just guitar, a cool contrast from all the heaviness.

There appears to be an abundance of ‘stupid motherfuckers’ in the fifth track, "Control". The charming profanity is screamed repeatedly throughout the song, certainly thrashing things up a bit. The next track begins with a voice speaking of all the death in the world, from “murder, suicide, chaos, and us”, starting "It Has Begun" off with a philosophical bang. The band is clearly dismayed about the state of our planet, and perhaps hopes to fix it with their brutal detestation. The broken are born in all their vengeful glory in "Birth of the Broken", with an über-funky bass solo, soon accompanied with growly vocals, and before long the entire band is partaking in an über-funky song. Again the urgency to rise is emphasized in the lyrics, and through the numerous breakdowns. Pretty groovy song. The eighth track, "Bleed the Sky", lets the drums take centre stage, as they kick start the song with a brutal beat. The bass drums and symbols have to share the glory with the guitars as the song progresses, however, as these solos and riffs are too good to be ignored. I was surprised to hear some piano towards the end of the second-last track, "Reborn From the Ashes". Sounded lovely, not hateful at all. Finally, we enter the album’s title track. "The Healing Powers of Hate" is just as catchy and heavy as the previous tracks, showcasing the great talent and creativity of this Thrash Metal band from Montreal.

I thoroughly enjoyed "The Healing Powers of Hate". It’s got breakdowns, screaming solos and funky bass, three of my favourite things. I also liked the way the band incorporated other non-musical features, such as the sounds of sirens and spoken lyrics. It’s hard to hate on this album, despite the healing powers the emotion offers. 

4 Star Rating

1. Can’t Quiet the Riot
2. Old News
3. Anger of the Day
4. I Will Rise
5. Control
6. It Has Begun
7. Birth of the Broken
8. Bleed the Sky
9. Reborn From the Ashes
10. The Healing Powers of Hate
Jesus Salazar - Vocals
Mike Decker - Guitar
Simon Savard - Guitar
Tommy Vaillancourt - Bass
Jonathan Ménard – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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