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Bottomless - Bottomless

by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 05 September 2021, 7:12 AM

BOTTOMLESS is an Italian doom metal band that formed in 2016. The trio are formidable, being members from other bands such as MESSA, BECERUS, and ASSUMPTION. There isn't a shortage these days of modern doom bands playing that old school vintage sound. In that respect, BOTTOMLESS doesn't do anything innovative for the genre with their self titled debut. However, that doesn't really matter because they do this tried and true sound so well.

The riffs. Good lord the riffs! Imagine climbing a mountain, thinking you are done but before you get to the top you suddenly realize there are higher peaks. This is a good way to describe this album. Just when you think the band will run out of sweet doom riffs to play, they conjure up more.      Just when you think the song you heard is the best…the next song lands. A lot of albums are top heavy or even consistently good throughout. This one? It keeps getting better with each track. This is due to the synergy between the three musician. Giorgio Trombino is a hell of a guitarist and does  a fine job in balancing stoner riffs with fat grooves track.

Sara Bianchin’s bass is audible and supplies what every bassist should: a heavy low end that gives the band its raw power and still has rhythmic and foundational functions. David Lucido's drums are powerful but balanced well within the mix so they aren’t overly loud but still retain a sense of being struck powerfully. His own riffs (yes drums have riffs) are crisp, clear, interesting and compliment the songs as a whole.

Despite the genre, this album isn’t overly slow, dark or depressing. If I’m being honest, I have to say it is a very smooth album. The vocals, the pace, the groove…all the elements just come together so easily and in a very straightforward manner. That isn’t to say this is entry level doom. No, the band has far too much talent for that. But what I am saying is, this album would appeal to people who like doom but don’t get into the heavier, more abrasive side of it.

Though their influences are on their sleeves, the band exudes confidence in where they are from, what they are doing, and where they want to go. “Monastery,” opens with a blues infused doom riffs and bass that is heavy enough to bed the air around it. The clean vocals find a space between and settle along for the ride. Melodic passages are sprinkled among the riffs here and there—it is a nice touch.

The title track is backed by a strong showing of drums and they hit at just right moments atop that main, chunky riff. The riffs during the chorus are intense and slide back into the guts of the song expertly. The accompanying guitar solo is a little trippy while the bass behind it is furious “Loveless Reign" is such a great track. Slow, heavy yet methodical, this one of the most bestial songs on the album. There is just enough melody applied to round out the swampy edges.  The vocals are haunting enough to provide an Occult feel to the song. The bass and drums really nail down a strong, deep song that adds immense depth to the proceedings.

Vestige" is another highlight—-I love the trade offs between the lead guitar and the vocals. The bass shines when it boosts up the guitar solo, which in turn leads to the rest of the song being a doom jam session. The band, having finished rocking their faces off with “Vestige" keeps it going with the closing track, “Cradling Obsession,” which starts with an intensity that never let’s up. The drums lead the song into riff after riff. The vocals are catchy as hell to and together with the drums, the song really gets embedded into the head.

All in all, BOTTOMLESS’ debut album is a solid romp through the doom of yesteryear and should find a wide audience while converting others to this side of the grave.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Monastery
2. Centuries Asleep
3. Bottomless
4. The Talking Mask
5. Ash
6. Losing Shape
7. Loveless Reign
8. Vestige
9. Cradling Obsession
10. Hell Vacation
Sara Bianchin - Bass
David Lucido - Drums
Giorgio Trombino - Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Spikerot Records


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