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Boudika - Chaos Theory Award winner

Chaos Theory
by Joseth Radiant at 06 August 2019, 10:04 PM

From Argentina, BOUDIKA is a five-piece Symphonic Metal outfit that has cemented itself as a rising star in the metal scene. Argentina might seem like an unusual place to find a band that is on par with many of the heavyweights in the European Symphonic Metal scene such as NIGHTWISH, KAMELOT, and the like. But understanding that Argentine culture for the most part blends in with relative ease in the Spanish speaking culture of Europe (I’m looking right at you, Leo Messi), it makes a lot of sense to see why this style of music would find solid roots here in this corner of the South American continent.

The star of the album is undoubtedly Eva Gusti’s vocals. Much like how a professional photographer would use the effect known as “depth of field”, they are the primary point of focus while the rest of the band’s instruments are present yet in the background. "Chaos Theory" captures BOUDIKA at the point where it has discovered the strengths of its sound. Everyone’s performances on here are spot-on and what is truly enjoyable is that there are moments where each song goes in a direction the listener doesn’t quite expect, but leaves the listener feeling elated to have followed the path the song took them on.

The title track of the album is where the listener can find BOUDIKA’s sound in full force. Eva’s vocals are stellar throughout, and Mariano’s growling and lead guitar work step up and deliver a memorable performance. The Hardcore breakdown in the middle section of the song does not feel like it was bolted into the song. It is meant to be there and provides a pleasant detour without coming off as mundane. However, “Forgotten Hope Reloaded” was the track that surprised this reviewer the most and shows just how strong of a creative unit BOUDIKA is becoming.

It is rare when a band can pull the trick METALLICA pulled off with their songs "Unforgiven I", "II", and "III". “Forgotten Hope Reloaded” is a continuation of the song “Forgotten Hope” off of its self-titled debut album. It is not a re-recording of that song, but some of the motifs and lyrical themes are present throughout. This reviewer believes that not only is it a good song, it is a purposeful snapshot that shows where the band currently is versus where it was previously. The message of the song is just as potent as it rails against the injustices of the world and how hope, while at times forgotten, can be a source of strength when we remember it again. Most songs of this type tend to come off a bit on the cheesy side of things, but here, it’s powerful and poignant.

Overall, I am very impressed with this band. The constructive criticism that I could offer is that a lot of the songs on the album are in the key of B, and judging by the tones of the guitars, either seven-string or six-string down-tuned guitars were used. Some of the tracks came off slightly repetitive and it would have been interesting to see what would happen if the band stretched itself a bit more by writing in different keys. Eva is talented enough to handle the key changes and that variety would have made this album a bit more balanced. But still, this is an album that BOUDIKA should be proud of and it leaves the listener wondering what creative imaginings are in store for the future. This reviewer is also curious about what hidden gems are to be found in the Argentine heavy metal scene, as well. And as always, BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. The Flapping Of A Distant Butterfly’s Wings (Instrumental)
2. Another Day Under The Rain
3. The Chaos Theory
4. Mr. Hyde
5. The Tides Of Doubts
6. Master Of Your Own Thoughts
7. Black Mirror
8. Self Paradox
9. Forgotten Hope Reloaded
Eve Gusti - Vocals
Mariano Colle - Guitar & Vocals
Ignacio Ramos - Guitar
Juan Gomez - Bass
Nicolás Podesta - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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