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Bow - City Race

City Race
by MetalWim at 31 January 2023, 1:51 PM

Here’s some music that I got sent through a friend of mine. He let me hear some snippets of the music, and I got interested. BOW is a project of Martijn Balsters, who is a lecturer at Tilburg University, and quite a good musician as well. “City Race” is an album that he has written, recorded and played on almost all by himself. As he is no drummer, he got someone ese to fill in that gap, and I must admit that Tim Verheijden has done a good job. But then again, why wouldn’t he, as drum coach and teacher, whilst also playing with LUCIFERICON at the moment. Like Martijn, he is from Tilburg, so the connection is easily made.

What to expect? Well, the opening title track could have come straight off “Ride The Lightning”, as the sound and music are very much in that ballpark. And there’s no escaping the fact that the vocal lines as well as the voice of Martin regularly come close to those of James Hetfield. Is that a problem? Not for me, as it gives listening to “City Race” an edge of familiarity. And yes, the METALLICA comparison does raise its head from time to time, as that seems to be the foundation of the songs written.

But don’t despair, you will also be able to hear some extra heavy parts that musically remind me of MACHINE HEAD, KORN and at times even MINISTRY. And the range goes from Heavy Metal up and until Thrash Metal, with some Punk, Industrial and Nu Metal being interwoven where possible. Thankfully the vocals follow suit, giving “City Race” enough diversity to keep you interested throughout the whole album.

It's a pity this is just a project, because I really feel that it would be very nice to see this being played live. I know that has been done at the release party, and of course it was done in Tilburg, at the (in)famous Little Devil Bar and Rock Club. I don’t know if my writings have piqued your interest, but I hope they have. “City Race” is a very nice album to listen to, with enough good music to make BOW into an interesting project. Here’s to hoping that it will grow into something more. Because if it does, I feel that BOW is a band that can reach many a metalhead. Let’s hope there are more races to come, but I am quite glad about “City Race” as the opening one.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1 City Race
2 Insomniac
3 Black Dog Liberation
4 Trader
5 Messiah
6 The Terminal
7 First Ten Weeks
8 The Godly Trap
9 Gap
10 Border
11 Towards The Sun
Martijn Balsters – Guitars, Bass, Vocals & Keys
Tim Verheijden – Drums
Richard Gray – Bass on 7 & 10
Robin Kok – Growls on 4 & 10
Sander Heerings – Keys on 5 & 10
Record Label: Independent


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