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Brain Dead - Indoctrinator Award winner

Brain Dead
by Adriana “Oculta Nocturna” Márquez at 22 July 2014, 11:53 PM

On this occasion I’m glad to present you a very good band -IMHO- called BRAINDEAD. Four guys from San Fernando Valley, California where it’s clear they want to play old school Thrash. But unlike other bands of the same genre, these guys bring something extra: destroy heads with their Punk attitude and commitment.

Wow! With that attitude these kids remind me that many of the Thrash bands of this generation has the common point is the son of Latino or Hispanic immigrants and their lyrics deal with bad governance of USA. Interesting move! So on their demo released in January 2014 "Indoctrination" under an independent label that contains seven tracks of belligerent thrasher explosion.

"Corporatocracy" the first track says it all. It begins with a very sharp Thrash arpeggiated melody, followed by a battle cry. Interesting combination looking sharp in his voice guttural lyrics features tonal completions. As music structure there is no novelty without some prominent except voice instrument. This completes a clean if somewhat slow battery and a melodic bass. All this wrapped in a coral punk attitude.  "Social Pariah" also starts with a guitar solo bass, of course less sharp and slightly faster in its development, very lively, less treble solos.  "Heretic" starts like the previous two, but a little less quick and less acute than before, but with the same set punk in his lyrics, but with a lyrical voice.

With "The Last Act Of Betrayal" the band returns to take more strength and becomes more aggressive, very punky choruses and very manifest. Follow you will find acute guttural interesting parts.  In "Dread Of Shame" it gets off to a good start, instead of replacing an electric guitar for an acoustic, perhaps same structure in all CD. An excellent performance of the low "High Value Target" very clean and sound, then enter the guitars to support the bass melody. Brutal Thrash explosion, guttural lyrics and heartbreaking without being lengthy, (as should be Thrash) and ultimately, the best song for me all this demo! This album ends with "Sent To The Fire" for interesting last one; a song awakens a guitar solo.

In conclusion a very clean band sound, a voice over goes above other executions, interesting this resurgence of old school. This of course is partly thanks to the great Bill Metoyer who has produced great Thrash and Death of USA.  Interesting, very good colors thrash political theme. I'm sure this band with that staff kicked hard heads new and old generations of Thrash. Worth buying.

4 Star Rating

1. Corporatocracy
2. Social Pariah
3. Heretic
4. The Last Act Of Betrayal
5. Dread Of Shame
6. High Value Target
7. Sent To The Fire
Adam Axe - Guitar
Joey Dalo – Singer
Rez Peterson - Bass
Jhoash Angel - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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