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Brain Drill - Apocalyptic Feasting (CD)

Brain Drill
Apocalyptic Feasting
by Yiannis Doukas at 17 May 2008, 1:39 PM

An endless musical masturbation is what BRAIN DRILL offer in this record, their debut one after their forming back in 2005 by guitarist Dylan Ruskin. Probably a lot of people will consider Apocalyptic Feasting as Death Metal or Grind but unfortunately what we hear is an overdose of arpeggio garrulousness with no remorse for our patience. It looks like the members want just to show their musical skills and miss the point that if you want to release a record you must first write some songs and not something like a bass or a drumming lesson.
They are close to a more technical, violent CANNIBAL CORPSE road together with some influences from Australian PSYCROPTIC or ORIGIN. I don't think that this noise is lunatic, extreme or expanding any boundaries of Death Metal, while the all 'look what I'm playing now' thing turns into a big headache after some minutes. The material is so boring that it is better spending your time in chasing butterflies than sit and listen to it. The only thing I liked was the solo of Swine Slaughter and because the others are so empty I cannot find a word to write. Enough said, better look to the next review.

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The Parasites
Apocalyptic Feasting
Swine Slaughter
Forced Fedhuman Shit
Consumed By The Dead
Bury The Living
The Depths Of Darkness
Sadistic Abductive
Dylan Ruskin - Guitar
Steve Rathjen - Vocals
Marco Pitruzzella - Drums
Jeff Hughell - Bass
Record Label: Metal Blade


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