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Braineater - Reclusive

by Nick at 30 June 2015, 1:08 PM

Fast paced, brutal and angry; this debut ep from Californian trio BRAINEATER mixes a variety of extreme musical styles. Melding thrash and death metal with punk means that the majority of “Reclusive” is a high speed assault. However, what makes this more refreshing are the occasional slower atmospheric moments, and groove-based riffs. These moments don’t last long though, and the music does then return to the faster element. Where this album is at its most memorable is definitely in the mellower, more melodic sections. Final track “Sullen” ends on a dark and moody acoustic section, creating a fantastic contrast to the albums louder parts.

The album’s 5 tracks follow fairly similar patterns and are all a consistent mix of Grindcore and Death Metal, with guttural vocals and high speed drum patterns over groovy thrash guitar riffs. The vocal work leaps between deep growls and high pitched screams as the mood of the music changes.

The sound created by the album is a mixture of dark and gloom laden slow sections and relentless anger with the high speed elements. The band isn’t attempting to break new ground in the genre with “Reclusive”, but merely continues to offer what fans of death metal would expect. This is not a release for anyone expecting technicality or melodic sensibility. Each of the most recognizable and individual aspects of the band’s sound come not from within the main parts of the songs, but from the times when they  calm everything down and allow the songs to find a groove.

If you like your music brutally nasty, with elements of hardcore and extreme metal genres, almost totally lacking in frills and nicety then this album is surely one to check out. The dissonant grooves and harsh vocals however do not endear the album to me personally. Even with the breakdowns and brief let ups in speed, there is little change in the individual songs, and many of the tracks seem to meld into each other.

2 Star Rating

1. Generation Greed
2. Under The Shroud
3. One Nation Under Gunpoint
4. Drenched In Poison Opulence
5. Sullen
Bret Finkelstein - Shrieking & Shrieking
Jon Taylor - Gargling & Bass
Jacob Reynolds – Drums
Record Label: Sun Chariot Records


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