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Braineater - Weak, Frail And Powerless

Weak, Frail And Powerless
by Craig “Thrashing” Rider at 16 February 2017, 3:27 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns is proud to present to you: BRAINEATER; signed via Sun Chariot Records, hailing from the United States of America - performing Death Metal/Grindcore, on their 2nd EP entitled… “Weak, Frail And Powerless”.

Since formation in 2012 (as ASTAROTH in 2012, and as VOLVAGIA in 2013…I somewhat feel compelled to say that these are much better band names) the quintet in question has released a Demo, Split, and an EP behind them.

As a rabid Death Metal fanatic; I typically went in with high expectations for a unprecedented formula of a deadly substance that defines truly petrifying brutality. While I'm a Grindcore newbie at best; I can't say this is a release that shows off the quartet's potential, nor does it blow my mind in that regard as for the most part - one would argue that all you would hear in the EP's opener “Call In The Bear Jew (Ode To Donny Donowitz”, there isn't much instrumental fulfillment in regard to elegant enlightenment. Quite honestly; I heard distorted guitars, and agonizing screams that take an evident form of Black Metal intrigues that were the most interesting in this release. “Hooked On LCD” is another mind-boggling track; while there was some enjoyable riffery here and there, there wasn't much to add to the table. “The Bird And The Lamb” has some nice breakdowns and not so nice Death Metal growling that tries a bit too hard to impress.

Concluding with “Opinionated”, this may well be my shortest review as there isn't too much to be indulged in here. The finale includes pretty much similar indifferences to the other tracks - only longer. Consisting of only 2 members – Jacob Reynolds on drums/vocals and Bret Finkelstein on guitars/vocals both showcase a unique balance of borderline musicianship, they just don't element at complex dexterous adversities for an efficient blend of elegance.

Overall -  “Weak, Frail And Powerless” is something that I wouldn't consider pushing boundaries for anything frantically spectacular, while it has potential, there just wasn't anything particularly enticing about this one I'm afraid. Only worth checking out via their Bandcamp website.

Songwriting: 5
Memorability: 5
Originality: 6
Sound Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Call In The Bear Jew (Ode To Donny Donowitz)
2. Hooked On LCD
3. The Bird And The Lamb
4. Opinionated
Jacob Reynolds – Drums, Vocals
Bret Finkelstein – Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Sun Chariot Records


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