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Brainwashed - Wrecked

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 23 April 2012, 10:44 PM

Just when I thought that I was about to listen to another modern Thrash Metal piece, the spirit of the old school sensation overwhelmed me with its fine grace and utmost loving touch. However, when I looked deeper into this local old school store of punching riffing and somewhat odd rhythms, I wasn’t that overly enjoyed after all, yet my was still intact after I banged my head to some of the stuff that this release offered. Ohh wait I forgot to introduce the band, there you have it, welcome the Polish Thrash Metal molesters of BRAINWASHED. Surely they will cut deep within your lobes in order to find food, and believe me that you will be cut open while their thrashy being will gulp you down with a single bite with no hesitation. Well, enough with the metaphors and theatrics, its go time, no… It’s Thrash time, and a properly produced one. “Wrecked” is the band’s debut album and it was released not a while ago under the band’s own independent hands and skulls.

Even if I wasn’t that taken by this release after I took a few listens to it, I liked the old school approach that lined up quite a mixture between MEGADETH, ANNIHILATOR, TESTAMENT and METALLICA. Not exactly the whole big four (Sorry ANTHRAX and SLAYER, but I couldn’t find you there), but in overall, BRAINWASHED attempted to perform some complex stuff under a corona of intense riffing, great energetic rhythms, cool solos that reminded me so much of old Jeff Waters and Alex Skolnick works that really kicked me up to the sky. However, what about these long tunes guys? What were you trying to pull? I know that METALLICA had their old tunes over five minutes and such, but even METALLICA in their glory days knew how to compose long tracks without let those to go on boring the listener. Solid tracks like “I, Leader”, “The Battle / Back to the War” and “Give Me Your Blood” felt as if BRAINWASHED were trying to fill in time in order to let the song loose out of place. What is funny is that I actually liked “Give Me Your Blood” as it turned out to be quite a good riff machine, yet I would have made it a bit shorter. Sometimes I feel that it’s like Murphy’s Law when tracks that need to be lengthen aren’t and when longer tracks that should be shortened, it doesn’t happen. Well, that is music and that is life. Furthermore, I think that BRAINWASHED had some great kicks like “Breaking the Chains” and “Give Me Your Blood” that asserted themselves as great well written thrashers with suitable attitudes and an awesome feel of the past. However, a number of tracks felt a bit ordinary to me and no matter how much I liked those to entice me, I felt only a few moments that I can certify as true glory.

Don’t get me wrong the “Wrecked” can be a widespread playroom for Thrash Metal maniacs. There are plenty of places where you don’t have to necessarily bang your head until it falls off. You can enjoy the great lead guitar lines and some of the quality mid tempo riffing. However, I sure hope that their latest release will be a little more exciting that just your ordinary old school American stuff. Believe me that appetisers are needed.  

3 Star Rating

1. Bringing out of Dead
2. I, Leader
3. Wrecked
4. Beast Within Me
5. Give Me Your Blood
6. Breaking the Chains
7. Voices in Your Head
8. The Battle / Back to the War
9. Last Breaths 
Dariusz"Bonzo"Biskupski- Vocals
Tomasz"Teściu"Chmielewski- Guitars
Paweł"Boczu"Kuziel- Guitars
Jakub"Taśny"Słowik- Bass
Kacper"Kacu"Misztal- Drums
Record Label: Independent


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