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Brand Of Sacrifice – God Hand Award winner

Brand Of Sacrifice
God Hand
by Brian "Metal" Morton at 28 May 2019, 10:09 PM

If you have been searching for a Brutal Death Metal band that will leave you shook, then BRAND OF SACRIFICE is what you have been searching for. Their newest album “God Hand” is an immaculate work of art and musicianship. When I first heard a song from them my jaw hit the floor and I had to listen to it on repeat for a while. This band has taken it’s own spot in my metal heart. The drums played by Rob Zalischi are mind blowing and the same goes for the bass played by Dallas Bricker. The guitarists Michael Leo Valeri and Liam Beeson are absolutely incredible and vocalist Kyle Anderson is a monster on the mic. This album is for anytime you just want to throw the fuck down wherever you are.

It all begins with the song “Begin” which is a short but intense song, that is a great introduction to the insanity you will witness on the album. It’s almost like one big breakdown that kicks you right in the teeth. “Divinity” is a hard hitting and in your face song that hits harder than a fifty car pile up. The guitars and drums on this song are fantastic. This song had me on the edge of my seat playing the air drums. It’s an absolutely fantastic song. “Fortress” is one of the best Slam/Deathcore songs I have ever personally heard. There is this little 8 bit noise at one point that made me say “what the fuck” but I thought it was awesome. I think this may be one of the best songs on the album.

“Charlotte” begins with a sick bass line and proceeds into a very groovy riff that’s out of this world. This song is really well written and sounds different from most songs in this genre. I really appreciate the bands ability to have a different sound than other Deathcore bands while staying true to the genre. This is one of my favorites so far and we aren’t halfway through it yet. “The Branded” doesn’t even try to shy away from being brutal as fuck. This song is as nasty as they come and it’s god damned beautiful. If I ever get into another bar room brawl I want this song playing in the background for sure.

“Hill of Swords” is a short but intense lead in to the next song, I swear on my life I heard the Halloween theme in there at one point. I really enjoyed this interlude a whole lot. “Claw Marks” is one of the more intense songs and it just jumps into it, without even spitting on it first. This one is absolutely insane and fucking brilliantly well written. I will be listening to this one a lot for quite a while. “After Image” is another pretty short interlude, but it is creepy as fuck. I’m hoping it’s setting the mood for the next song.

“Beast of Darkness” is a masterpiece and a very creative song. The production on this track is unbelievable. It has a voice clip towards the end that really brought this song to a whole new level. The breakdown, the breakdown is bone shattering. I loved every second of this one. Finally we have “God Hand” which really is a phenomenal song to end with. This almost has a hip hop groove to it but is still insanely good. As the kids say today “This song Bops”. I really think this will be in my top ten albums of 2019. They did an incredible job on this album and I will be listening to it for some time to come.

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Begin
2. Divinity
3. Fortress
4. Charlotte
5. The Branded
6. Hill of Swords
7. Claw Marks
8. After Image
9. Beast of Darkness
10. God Hand
Kyle Anderson – Vocals
Michael Leo Valeri – Guitar
Liam Beeson – Guitar
Dallas Bricker – Bass
Rob Zalischi – Drums
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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