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Brant Bjork – Brant Bjork Award winner

Brant Bjork
Brant Bjork
by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 02 May 2020, 3:57 PM

Brant Bjork is the ambassador of Californian Desert Rock. He released his self titled album on April 10th 2020 & its a thumping album of Hard Rock to behold. The new album has 8 songs to sink your teeth into. Brant plays every instrument in the album himself & this goes to show his versatile abilities not to mention his vocal skills. This is now his career impressive 13th studio album. The album has a nice Hard Rock feel to it & credit must go to Brant for putting it all together to create such a fine sounding album as instrument player & singer. Brant has been making high quality music for over 2 decades now & has an impressive career history behind him. The new album has been released under Heavy Psych Sounds (All Noir PR) & can be bought on CD or streamed on major streaming platforms.

Opening the album we have the song “Jungle In The Sound” which is a Hard Rock treat for the ears. The guitar riffs are heavy & the drum beats are sweet. Vocally the sound is spot on. Brant has put together an awesome set of songs to make the album. Song number 3 is called “Jesus Was A Bluesman.” It is a song with some really fine lyrics and great music backing it up. You really should get a listen. I do believe that his daughter was his biggest fan. If my dad was a Bluesman I’d be his biggest fan. Song number 4 is “Cleaning Out The Ashtray,” a song with a fantastic instrumental opening. It’s a song that is very catchy & has a great rhythm. “Shitkickin Now” is song number 6 and is a song that instantly gets your head bopping & knocking! I’d point this song out as the highlight of the album for me. Closing the album is song number 8 “Been So Long” which opens with a sweet acoustic strum. It’s a slow tempo & smooth song to close an excellent album. The song is full of emotion & depth, absolutely brilliant song to finish on.

Got to say this album is fucking first class! Brant Bjork has put together a phenomenal piece of musical work here! Performing all the music and singing by himself, playing each instrument & singing with a hell of a voice I have not one complaint about this album, I have nothing but praise! I would highly recommend the album. If your a fan of Brant Bjork & you haven’t heard the album yet or you are a fan of Hard Rock and looking for a mellow album that’s great to listen to then get your ears around this album.

Songwriting 9
Musicianship 10
Memorability 9
Production 10

5 Star Rating

1. Jungle In The Sound
2. Your Such A Lady
3. Jesus Was A Bluesman
4. Cleaning Out The Ashtray
5. Duke Of Dynamite
6. Shitkickin Now
7. Stardust Diamond Eyes
8. Been So Long
Brant Bjork - Vocals & All Instruments
Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds


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